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My fines came in the mail. Almost $10,000 in victim surcharge. Total $46,020. I guess the government feels victimized from people wanting to live their lives properly and to choose how to take care of their health, how much risk they’d like to assume, and attending and hosting lawful peaceful protests. Of course they didn’t feel victimized breaking and getting exemptions from all of their dictates.

Government at any level must not be allowed to restrict freedoms, even in an EMERGENCY. That is precisely when these freedoms are most important. What constitutes an emergency only depends on who is in power. Everyone would declare an emergency at a different line. That is why governments must protect freedom even in an emergency.

This charge is just like everything else when you try to live a life of your own. You want to homeschool? You pay for public school and then you pay more for what you actually want your kids to learn. You want an alternative treatment or care? You pay for public health and then you pay more for what you really want and need. You want a world of opportunities, to see your family, help your neighbour, save the day, and take a risk because you have principles and know life must always go on in spite of fear? You have to battle for a normal healthy life everyday and then you pay more in charges because the government doesn’t approve. It’s a tax, on a tax, on a tax…

One hope I have is that more Libertarian, freedom, and Christian butts will start “infiltrating” all levels of government and we can take back our God given freedoms and our humanity.


An interview with Andrew DeBartolo:

Big thanks to Liberty Coalition Canada for having me on the Liberty Dispatch to chat about the Aylmer Freedom rallies that I hosted – and obviously attended.

Ultimately, these sorts of cases must go to the top. In the meantime Libertarian and freedom oriented butts need to get seats in ALL levels of government.

Government at any level must not be allowed to restrict freedoms, even in an EMERGENCY. That is precisely when these freedoms are most important. What constitutes an emergency only depends upon who is in power. Everyone would declare an emergency at a different line. That is why governments must PROTECT FREEDOM EVEN in an emergency. It is paramount that no one dictates what the answer is, everything remains on the table and we each choose for ourselves and our families.

My friend said the article in the London Free Press / National Post etc should have been titled, “BORED HOUSEWIFE” 😂🏆  Glad to see so many people for freedom in MOST of the comments!


An interview with Derek Sloan:



Additional Thoughts:

Aylmer police liked to throw around the word SEDITION when they were trying to figure out how they could scare me from having a lawful protest that was standing against the government narrative. Charges like mine ($46,020 for 2 local freedom rallies against coercive Covid mandates) are purely political and have zero to do with health. In the meantime they make you talk about health in court even though none it applies to vigils or BLM or Remembrance Day or haircuts by politicians during lockdown. These are signs of a communist country.

“Propaganda always attempts to portray political crimes as assaults against all of society, but in reality, the state prosecutes political crimes because they are activities that regimes consider to be threats to the regime’s interests and legitimacy. As such, these activities are often punished more severely than violent crime committed against private individuals.”




I’ve never wanted to argue about health.  How you take care of your health is your business and it is individual.  I may be anti-whatever for me and my family but I would never force you to do as I do and use a mandate or some law to do it.  I certainly would try to convince you what I think is better for you just as you would want to do the same for me and that is what a healthy and free society does – they debate and they discuss.  Without coercion and in a real free market naturally whatever works will become the most popular and will become available because it works.


It’s only in a society where threats and the suppression of information are prevalent that individuals are forced to conform to a single perspective dictated by one person.
Experts are tools for us, not rulers.  In any other time in our lifetime if we didn’t like what one expert had to say we would go to another expert and choose which we thought was best for us or what was most tolerable for us in order to live out the rest of our days or heal.
When faced with personal emergencies, our standard practice would be to find a qualified person to assist us in resolving the issue, as they would serve us by providing their expertise. However, the government has made this fundamental human choice and authority over our own lives nearly illegal, and this is what I oppose.
This is why seeking out experts in a court to argue about health is a futile endeavour. Unless the JP has principle over personal preference and fear of the unknown we’ll lose.  Life must always move forward in spite of fear.  If people aren’t allowed to live then you know you are moving in the wrong direction.  We have faced pandemics before, and the issue lies in the government’s over reaching fear filled response. In a genuine emergency, outcomes would not be manipulated and controlled. Instead, everyone would contribute their insights and efforts to care for their families and continue with their lives.  The ability to have heroes would not be vilified.  People would be able to serve one another and take risks.
Government created the problem and wanted to be the hero and we were to sit idly by being pacified that we were doing our part by eating on the couch and taking money we did not earn.  This is why we are in this poor situation we are right now.  Right when we could have continued on and kept working and earning and creating we were oppressed and threatened to sit still.  It was wrong.  It was evil.

This is exactly what it was like going to court in Elgin County:

A parking ticket court for “Re-opening” Ontario Act charges and a Charter challenge. 😂🏆 Exactly the same!!  Don’t even get me started on how they completely ignored the issue at hand and kept bringing up masking and social distancing which had ZERO to do with what I brought to the table and was NOT what I was charged with.

All you can do is laugh. The Orwellian quote of the times: “Your rights were violated but it was justified.” 🙃  What an absolutely meaningless yet telling statement.


A Town Divided?

Let’s remember that if the town is divided… that certainly means that half are FOR freedom and against government overreach. Yet, our culture now caters to the fear-filled, the offended, the snitch and the unthinking letting them rule instead of helping them overcome – like in every other pandemic we’ve had! The vilification of true natural heroes and the artificial creation of pseudo ones through propagandized clapping.
The foundation of this problem stems from the ever increasing local bylaws and their enforcement.  We’re always reminded that bylaws are only enforced on a complaint basis.  “Don’t worry, we won’t come after you unless someone complains.”  And this is exactly why the snitches, fear-filled, and negative Nancys rule the world.  You don’t like your neighbour?  Oh, well then complain about them using that loud drill outside after 5pm while they were making a treehouse for their kids after work.  That’ll teach ’em.  Oh, you had a gathering “illegally” with your family and that was ok but go raise a stink on your neighbour standing for your right to do that at a freedom rally and counter protest whilst hiding your face and encourage charges on them because you know, they went too far compared to your justification of your own violation.
I argued on the arbitrariness of the mandates and the JP said that that is a problem with enforcement and nothing to do with my case. That is interesting!  And it is true that the lying and deceitful Aylmer police are not going to ticket/summons themselves or the politicians that hire them at the Remembrance Day service that also broke mandates. It’s all 100% political and the process of making getting a second opinion from another expert illegal.
The Crown and the newspaper referenced my giggling.  I have always giggled and I will continue to always giggle under every circumstance.  Chuckles Charlton was a nickname I had in highschool – it was great.  I can’t help it.  I’m not necessarily the happiest person on the planet but I will continue to laugh and find what is funny when I can.

The Crown said I giggled in my speech talking about missed hockey.  You can see my speech here: first rally and second rally (with hockey reference).  I probably laughed in each.  You can judge for yourself if you think I’m trying to be mean or not.  I am definitely laughing at the audacity of the town to declare an emergency and scare the crap out of everyone and closing the arena when they did not need to instead of being reasonable.  For once the town had the businesses open and with the right leadership they could have made a lot of money that day as everyone wanted to support small business.  We had spoken to one hockey family and sorted out what was going on.  Hockey did not have to be cancelled.  It could have still gone on.  There was no blocking of the entrance and there was another laneway the families could have used to get there and park at the back where we were not.

Also on a side note, the local paper, the Aylmer Express, was upset I wasn’t taking food donations for the food bank and so I thought that was a good idea and so we did at the second rally.  The local food bank would not take the food donations because they were from us.  And so we took them to another town nearby instead.  This foreshadows what happens with charges for Henry Hildebrandt in which they offer to pay $75,000 to the local food bank but the court says no and takes a $65,000 fine for themselves.  It’s not about the community at all.  This whole thing is about government and what they want you to believe and how they want you to fall in line.

I giggled in court during my sentencing.  100%.  I was there in person which was a real treat because I did everything on zoom before.  It was good to be there so we could all see each other face to face.  The JP had asked if I had anything I wished to say.  I was unprepared for this and had not thought up anything to say in advance.  I told her this and said that I might regret not saying anything since I was given the opportunity.  I said that I thought I shouldn’t be fined for what it was worth but I said that that was probably obvious.  I also said that I would let my lawyer speak for me since she was prepared and that is what I hired her to do and then I also mentioned to the JP that of course you know how I would go on if given the opportunity to speak.  LOL  It was funny.  I laughed and I think she also laughed but definitely smiled because she knew what I was talking about.  If given an opportunity and I’m prepared I will talk, a lot.  The JP had been in court with me for 5 days and did not need anymore lectures 😉  So this statement was hilarious 😀  You had to be there – the whole time! – to understand.  Obviously the paper wanted me to just look silly and that’s fine — I just wanted to let you know about it all.




“The plea is now being made that all the tyrannical over-reach on the part of various governments, agencies, and whatnot was necessary because, it is said, “we didn’t know.” But mandatory and coercive actions taken on the basis of confessed ignorance is not what we want. If we know the asteroid is going to hit the earth, then emergency measures may be needed. If we know the dam is going to break, then emergency evacuations may be necessary. Nobody with a brain ever disputed it. But when you know virtually nothing at all, and you make your panicked ignorance the foundation of a lockdown that destroys lives and livelihoods, then you are the threat, you are the problem. Besides, it is not quite true that “we didn’t know.” A bunch of us did know, and we were penalized for knowing. But now, in retrospect, it is all coming clear. Our elected officials were wrong about masks, wrong about lockdowns, wrong about distancing, wrong about the vaccine, and wrong about the law.”
Doug Wilson

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