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Thanks to 100 Million Moms for giving me the support I need in order to know how to put something like this together legally and effectively.  We made this a family event and will continue to make it that way for freedom loving people that have had enough and know that they can and must be able to live freely. 

We are supporting our Constitution and upholding our individual fundamental freedoms and responsibilities.  

Government has NO AUTHORITY over family life, over church sovereignty, where I sing, if I stand, if I sit, who I meet, what I wear, what I read. Government is not our doctor, teacher, parent, or saviour.  We have had enough!

Medical freedom is a fundamental right.   Government health ideas and prescriptions must remain voluntary.  Our right to choose how to take care of our health is ours and government has no business or authority in that area.


Big Thanks to Heidi for her passion and voice of reason.

We do not need to live in fear.

Terry Neudorf

God knows I hate confrontation, and you probably do too.
I’m the last guy, who, living in a small town where everybody knows everybody, wants to lose friends or be ridiculed by family members.
But this is what this has come to, because lines have been crossed that compel us, once and for all, to say ENOUGH.
When you see the mental gymnastics, inhumane laws and lies being foisted upon you, it becomes duty to leave behind the comfort of easy conformity, and stand up and say ENOUGH.

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