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Husky Injection Molding sent out a letter from their CEO.  It’s inspiring.  Maybe he’ll be one of the few who lead the corporate world back to sanity, and tell the government to stuff it.
With a name like John Galt, I shouldn’t be surprised.  
Dear Husky Partner,
As we emerge from the extreme lockdowns put in place by various governments around the world, the effects of the pandemic will be felt for years to come. The impacts on our lives and livelihoods arising from the implemented policies and rules infringe upon the very rights and freedoms we know as Canadians.
Recently, Husky has been receiving questions from customers, partners, and suppliers regarding its position towards vaccination. Husky has not, nor will it adopt a stance where it will seek to require its team members to get vaccinated. This decision belongs to each team member individually. We expect Husky’s team members to research the benefits and risks associated with such a choice in order to make an informed decision. No matter the decision taken by a team member, at no time shall Husky discriminate against its team members based on their decision taken in this regard.
On Thursday, August 26, 2021, I am also meeting with the government to discuss these very issues, and I am seeking your feedback on this very important topic. During my discussion with the Minister, I will share the thoughts and opinions of Husky, our customers, partners, and suppliers as to how we see the government policies impacting the recovery of our industry and the small business community.
I would like to ask that you share your opinion in a short and anonymous poll with me. I feel strongly that we need to continue to advocate for the protection of our lives and livelihoods – and the rights and freedoms of Canadians.
Thank you for your collaboration and support.
John Galt
President and CEO, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Ltd.

Laying blame on this horrendous situation we find ourselves in exactly at the feet of the entity that made it this way: government.

Keeping your health, your business, always.

Advocating for our protection from government, the protection of our livelihoods, rights, and freedoms. 

This, is a good leader.  This is someone worth working for.  This is an example all companies should follow.

Thank you.

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  1. Joel Corredoura

    Vaccination passports and mandatory restrictions are highly unnecessary and are discriminating against many people. Those that are suffering the most are young people, students in Universities, marginalized cultural groups and those that just want to make a decent income in a fair society so they can feed their families.

    • Rose

      Add handicapped people to the list. As a double amputee my best form of exercise is swimming but I will not be able to continue swimming at the Y without a V passport.

      • Jessie

        It’s heartbreaking what governments have done to not only ours but mostly all countries.
        People need human interaction, socialization, activity and so much more for their well being. They tore that from us and now force experimental medicine with threats to take the very freedoms we always had. They need to be stopped!
        Thank you for supporting your employees, if we could all be so lucky.

        • Kim

          They’ve done what they’ve done because we’ve allowed it… harsh I know. We have to accept response ability for our part too. I’ve realized freedom does not just happen. We have to work for it. We have far more power than we realize. Our $$ speak volumes. We support those worth supporting and stop supporting those who follow the illusion, for one.

  2. Kathy Bilodeau

    I have researched all of my options and I’ve decided I will not get the vaccine. I believe this is my choice and shouldn’t be coerced into have something injected into my body I don’t want. My body, my choice. I do not believe I pose anymore of a threat to anyone than vaccinated people. The vaccinated made their choice and I respect that, they should also respect mine.

  3. Amanda

    I have done my research and have chosen not to get the vaccine. I feel everyone should have the right to choose. I do not discriminate against those who have chosen to get the vaccine and I expect the same respect, for my decision. The passport is unnecessary and is only causing a divide. Why would any government want that in their country?

    • Dana

      My family had Covid and our natural immunity though proven by ample peer reviewed medical studies has been ignored. They still recommend injections, though it puts us at higher risks to the side effects(also medical supported). I have done my research in medical journals by highly credentialed professionals. I have a university degree in biology and fully understand what I am reading and seeing. I believe it is each individuals choice to decide what medical procedures they choose to have. I believe it should always be a well supported and conformed decision. I see that our government has not given all information and continues to skew, hide, censor and falsify medical studies and information that do not fit their narrative. That is not what the scientific method is. All facts should be examined during this experimental process! No government should strip down the rights that the generations before have given their lives for. I choose to stand up for those rights as every Canadian should no matter what their views are on a virus or a vaccine.


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