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St. Catharines Ontario Court Updates


For speaking in St. Catharines Ontario.  

Welland Ontario court.

1.       Part III summons Fail to comply with a continued 7.0.2 Order contrary to the Ontario Re-Opening Act 2020, section 10(1) 82/20 Ontario Regulation, schedule 4 section 1(c)

2.       Part III summons for Fail to Comply with an Order made during a declared emergency section 7.0.11(1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act
Issued May 5, 2021
Original court date: June 15, 2021
The zoom link is:
meeting ID: 8739392401


St Catharines


For speaking in St. Catharines May 1

May 3, 2022: Sorted out my next directions.  Rocco will need to file a motion before the court to be removed from the record so that I can move forward.  We will pick up my files from Rocco’s office.  The date for Welland next will be August 16 2022, at 1:30PM and is called a date to be spoken to.  I will be giving Marie Strub a call once I’ve gotten my files and go from there.  I will then be able to tell her that I will not be pleading guilty and will be moving forward to trial representing myself.  Otherwise, I have heard from a previous update that the court would like me to plead guilty and pay $1000.  I would rather continue to trial standing up for myself and our freedoms and the judge shall have to hear my plea.

March 30, 2022:  Still trying to contact for phone pre-trial.  Re-scheduled to call Ms. Strub April 11, 2022, 1PM.  Speaking to the matter May 3, 2022, 11AM.

December 16 2021:

Disclosure is complete.  No preliminary discussions.  Will reach out for a phone pre-trial hopefully within the next month.  Depending on those discussions, on the next court date – it would either be resolved (withdrawn), or it would be a pre-trial.

Adjourned until March 30 2022, 11AM for CPT or JPT if required.

September 29, 2021: second appearance take 2.

It appears due to lack of judicial resources that everything is adjourned today until December 16, 2021 at 11AM.  Same courtroom and link.
A lady adjourned everyone: Section 49, Subsection 5 clause B of Provincial Offences Act which says she can adjourn the proceedings on behalf of the court.

September 1, 2021: second appearance.

Still gathering disclosure.  Next meeting September 29, 9AM.


June 15, 2021: first appearance

Had my first appearance to ask for disclosure.  They have a “pretty thick disclosure package and it’s not quite ready yet”.  Rocco will need to contact them to get disclosure.

Did they take notes the whole time I was there?  I listened to a live band, chatted, walked and waved to people, said an upstanding speech, and chatted some more.

Guess when my next court appearance is scheduled for? ….

SEPTEMBER 1 2021, 10AM!  Welland Ontario Courtroom 103.
What?!?!?!?????  Can we please deal with the situation at hand please? Usually you schedule the next day four weeks later not 3 months.

The zoom link is:
meeting ID: 8739392401

No matter what side you are on – I think we can all agree that no matter:

if you want me hanged
or want us free
the courts should work
and hear our plea!

Can a judge please rule and follow the law of the land?  Would a judge please read the Niagara Declaration?  The Great Barrington Declaration?  Would a judge please stand up and be on the right side of history and end this torture and manipulation by an overreaching government?

We hope so. Please work to save us all. So we can live our lives and work and raise our families. We don’t want the government to do it.  Rule for freedom.  This isn’t Canada anymore if you don’t.

St Catharines Ontario Summons May 1 Kimberly Neudorf

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