Court Updates with Rocco Galati

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Court Updates with Rocco Galati


Aylmer Ontario

Aylmer – for organizing 2 freedom rallies.  
St Thomas Ontario court.

Aylmer Freedom Rally October 24 2020.
Aylmer Freedom Rally November 7 2020.

on or about Oct 24 2020 and Nov 7 2020 at Town of Aylmer did commit the offence of 
– Fail to comply with a continued section 7.0.2 order as per O.Reg 364/20 to wit: attend a outdoor public event contrary to the Re-opening Ontario Act section 10(1)(a) (2 Counts)
– Fail to comply with a continued section 7.0.2 order as per O.Reg 364/20 to wit: Host a outdoor public event (2 Counts) contrary to Re-Opening Ontario Act section 10.1(1)

Issued November 26 2020.
Original court date was Jan 14, 2021

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 958 7716 1436
Passcode: 123456

London Ontario


For speaking in London November 22, 2020:

on or about the 22nd of November in the year 2020 at the City of London in the County of Middlesex did commit the offence of fail to comply with a continued order originally made under subsection 7.0.2 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act during the COVID-19 Emergency, specifically, O.Reg 364/20, contrary to Section 10, subsection 1, clause a of the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act.

Issued December 31, 2020.
Original court date was Feb 22, 2021


For speaking in London March 20 2021:

Fail to comply with continued section 7.0.2 Order.  To Wit: Participate in a public event or other gathering at residential premises or other prescribed premises in excess of 100 participants within the stage of O. Reg 364/20 contrary to Re-Opening Ontario Act section 10 (1).

Issued March 30, 2021.
Original court date was June 7, 2021.

St. Catharines Ontario

For speaking in St. Catharines Ontario.  

Welland Ontario court.

1.       Part III summons Fail to comply with a continued 7.0.2 Order contrary to the Ontario Re-Opening Act 2020, section 10(1) 82/20 Ontario Regulation, schedule 4 section 1(c)

2.       Part III summons for Fail to Comply with an Order made during a declared emergency section 7.0.11(1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act

Issued May 5, 2021
Original court date: June 15, 2021

The zoom link is:
meeting ID: 8739392401 

Get the Lowdown on Court

The Steps:

The Steps of Court :

  1. get disclosure for each summons (it appears this can take months)
  2. check if disclosure is received and schedule a pretrial date (it appears this can be delayed)
  3. pretrial: settle, dismiss, or set trial date
  4. trial

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  1. Gordon S Watson

    your webpage sez this is the place to get info about Rocco Gallati proceeding with the the Vaccine Choice lawsuit
    What’s happening with that?
    has each Defendant been served with the Claim?
    if so…
    where can I view the Replies made by the Defendants?

    • Kimberly Neudorf

      Hi Gordon. These are updates of my court proceedings with Rocco Galati for my 8 charges to do with freedom rallies and not the one that is with the Vaccine Choice Canada lawsuit. I am not sure what stage the Vaccine Choice lawsuit is at, I wish I knew! Sorry I could not be of more help to you for this!


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