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Second Aylmer Freedom March Rally


Here are some of the speeches from our second freedom rally on November 7, 2020, in Aylmer Ontario.

I’m so honoured to have all of your support and that we support each other.  I’m also thankful for the support of our speakers here today and I’m especially and eternally grateful to Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati.
He has been working diligently to help all Canadians to end this government overreach and he has taken the time to even support me through these past few weeks.
It has been an incredible honour – let me tell you.  Be sure to support him through donations through his website: Constitutional Rights Centre

Gisele Baribeau

Gisele an advocate for medical freedom and is now a director of Vaccine Choice Canada.

Paula Tucci

Executive Director of Stand Up Canada – a brand new non-profit corporation aimed at helping Canadians know they have rights and how to defend themselves using the law.

She wrote a document called “Canada-wide Declarations of Emergency” and I’ve even gotten a personalized on for Aylmer that I shared for you on my facebook and instagram. You can download a copy here.

Stand Up Canada now has a legal team to help people and businesses who are being denied service from not wearing masks, and for businesses who have lost revenue because of their closure; and for anyone who is getting bylaw tickets for these issues.

Second Aylmer Freedom Rally Amanda Forbes Christine Colebeck Paula Tucci Standup Canada Kimberly Neudorf

Amanda Forbes, Christine Colebeck, Paula Tucci, me!

– Love these ladies!  So proud to be part of life and freedom –


Amanda Forbes & Christine Colebeck

Amanda is the director of Vaxxed Canada as well as the president of the Children’s Health Defense Canada.

Christine is a former VP of Vaccine Choice Canada and now VP of the Children’s Health Defense Canada and also co chair on the board of Parents for a Mask Free Education.

Thank you for all your support and the prayer as well!  See Pastor Henry Hildebrandt’s video Here. 

Second Aylmer Freedom Rally Speeches Henry Hildebrandt

Thank you to Lynda for all your support and speaking to the fact that Freedom can and should be embraced at any age.  Living is better than lockdowns.  Thank you for your fearlessness! 

Second Aylmer Freedom Rally Speeches Lynda Sykes

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