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Read All About It: Bored Housewife fined $46,020 for protesting covid mandates.

Neudorf Charter Decision: here

Affidavit of Matthew Hodge: here

Affidavit of Kettner: here

Affidavit of Kimberly: here

Charter Challenge Exhibits: here

Trial Decision: here

Some interviews and thoughts from me: here

Things of interest:

The missing Police Board Minutes from the Town of Aylmer website: here  Yes, missing.  Aylmer had conveniently not posted October 2020 Police Board minutes.  I had to call and ask for them to be sent to me.  The person on the phone could not figure out why they weren’t there.  I can figure.  We caught Novacich in a blatant lie with this during my trial.  I cannot believe these grown men have to lie right up there on the stand about a mom like me who was completely transparent in dealing with them.  Unreal.  What a bunch of cowards.

Analysis of Ontario and Aylmer “emergency”: here

2 weeks later.  (not entirely relevant but interesting)  Was it a “super-spreader” anyway?: here  (Southwestern Public Health was reporting substantial drops in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across its region on Tuesday morning, Nov. 24: Aylmer 10 down to 6, St Thomas down 5 to 4, Central Elgin stayed at 2, Bayham stayed at 1, Dutton Dunwich a new case)

Police Officer Wikkerink is another liar.  We met congenially in the lobby of the station when I told him of the first protest that was coming up.  He said that I had every right to protest and he wanted to know what it was about and I told him it was against mandates and I said I don’t care if people want to wear a mask but no one should be forced and he summarized that it’s about freedom of choice and I said yes.  He was maskless – which shouldn’t be an issue but it is.  He lied on the stand about our encounter.  I don’t have a recording of our conversation but you would think they record everything at the police station.  He said he was masked at the protests and he wasn’t.  Again, why are we arguing about this??  This has ZERO to do with my challenge or my trial yet that is what the court cared about.  At least we had a snazzy picture of him maskless at the first rally from the Aylmer Express to show that you cannot judge a person based on what they are wearing.  No, “bad” people are not necessarily unmasked and “good” people are not necessarily masked.  Why is this so hard to understand?  These are such superficial arguments and I cannot believe we had to discuss this but this is the shallow level thinking that was only allowed in the courtroom.  Principles?  What are those?

Photo of first rally with officer Wikkerink who didn’t wear a mask (not even mandated anyway) and met me in the foyer when I first went in to inform them of the first peaceful protest. He told me I was within my rights to have one and we went away and I gave him the details. It was great.

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