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Oh, it will be interesting to watch those Zoom pastors, those shepherds who’ve scrambled up higher into the tree, when their “Zoom Church” is censored by Bill C-10 and other tyrannical measures.


You’ll see:

Your self-proclaimed “town pastor” write open letters to the town, proclaiming how we have more freedoms than people in most other countries, and that our governments are being responsive to real threats, and have all of our best interest at heart. Maybe even a “Thank you, Premier!” This, the local propaganda rag will happily publish.

You’ll see letters from a hastily convened group of your local “ecumenical” pastors writing letters of rebuke for those churches who defy the NOT-censorship.

You’ll have The Gospel Coalition put out a smoothly worded essay on how this is not actually censorship, and give you lots of examples of what true censorship will look like WHEN IT COMES.
They’ll cling more tightly to their butchered take on Romans 13, and say things like:

“God has placed these censors in places of authority, so who are we to question God?”

“Trust me, I WILL DRAW THE LINE GOOD AND HARD when the authorities compel me to do something that God considers sin, but THIS ISN’T IT.”

“Those self-aggrandizing, attention-seeking church leaders who are hilariously calling this persecution will set the cause of the gospel back 50-years! They’re worse than even the scandal-ridden televangelists of the 80’s.”

You’ll hear a myriad of reasons for obeying.
You’ll see even more impressive displays of theological gymnastics than you did in 2020/21.

Yet one thing is sure: as it has been from the days where the early church met in catacombs to present-day Myanmar and North Korea, God will not be thwarted.

His church will grow, and the denunciations from the unholy marriage of the “progressive” Church and the “progressive” state will be fuel for the fire.

zoom church and bill c-10 kimberly neudorf

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