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Wear your bleep-bleepity-bleep-bleep mask!


Who’s heard that one lately?


You don’t have a medical exemption!  I should breathe all over you! 


Please, please breathe all over me.  I don’t care.  (Unless your breath stinks which is gross but still, it won’t kill me.) 


I’m wearing this for YOU!


No.  No, you’re not.  We don’t have an agreement.  Did I ask you to wear that mask for me?  Did we sign a contract?  I NEVER asked you to wear that mask to protect me.  Just like I never asked you to go for a run or eat healthy foods and for the love of God to go to bed on time and get enough sleep to take care of my health. 


I usually don’t take the time to chat at the grocery store I just smile and continue on my merry way but since I had exclaimed at the top of my lungs in the parking lot before I went in, “Lord help me!”  I kind of felt like chatting this time. 


We spoke for 15 minutes sorting through ideas and thoughts back and forth.  We attracted quite a little crowd circling around the bulk food section.  Even the manager came over to stack cookies back and forth hoping this would be over soon – just like we were.  He is of course just following the rules.  And good for him!  He thinks everyone should wear a mask but the rules say you don’t have to.  That takes some gumption and strength to allow others to express themselves and choose what they think is best. 


The masked man actually came really quite close to us for someone being so adamant that they were in danger because of our lack of cloth.  We mentioned that he too must think this is absolute bullshit since he was so close to us.  “Oh, ok!!!  I’ll back up!”, he said. 


Hey, you don’t actually have to but if you are wearing that mask for us you might as well be consistent and follow all the rules.  Don’t let me catch you thinking for yourself!  You don’t believe that’s allowed!  Or else you would have left us alone!


Well after a few minutes of banter he wanted to agree to disagree. 


Haven’t you noticed????  There is no agree to disagree anymore!  There is only one way to think and one thing to say and one thing you must wear – otherwise it’s cancelation, coercion, threats, fines, or jail if you dare think otherwise.  I’d LOVE to agree to disagree!  That’s what I’ve done for my ENTIRE LIFE up until 2020!  But now that isn’t a thing anymore.  If we agree to disagree, I get 5 charges and maybe another one after today!  Wow wee!!!!


I’m no good at impromptu live attacks in the grocery store but we chatted and that’s the main thing.  And kudos to him for actually chatting and not just being like those online trolls that attack, use fake names and then delete their comments.  This guy was brave. 


He knows it’s bullshit, he knows I know it’s bullshit.  He’s just mad that he’s following along so he’s taking it out on me. 


By the end we wished him good health, a good day and we offered him a fist bump.  There was this massive release.  A smile as he took the fist bump and laughed as he said, “I’ll probably be alright.”


Being lied to is the absolute worst.  Being deceived is what I hate the most.  And lying to yourself – not being honest with yourself – that is the worst of all. 


But why after all this time do people defend the lie? 


Because over the years we have consented to giving our power and our own control over to people with white coats or people in positions that we have given power. 


Why did we do that? 


Because we want things to turn out right.  We don’t want to make a mistake and mess things up.  So, we thought let’s give up those responsibilities and decisions over to centralized specialists so they will take care of us, they will save us from ourselves – and better yet – we won’t get the blame or feel the guilt when things don’t go well. 


All we got with that deal is a narrow view of humanity and a loss of the broad scope that decentralization gives us, like more solutions, more wealth, and better health.


We passed the buck because we were tricked into thinking we weren’t qualified. 


Well we are qualified!  And we are less fearful when we have control.  


So, we’re taking back control over our own lives!


Specialists and government and people in white coats are our tools that we can use in order to make our own decisions about our own lives.  We choose if we think what they are offering is legit and good for us and we get second and third opinions all uncensored until we find the help we need. 


Our most valuable asset is our time and our health.  And we’re not willing to trade it away anymore to an outside power that can sentence us to more time on the couch to keep us “safe” from ourselves — being fed, having a “universal basic income” and all our needs met…  just living in a great big jail.


These lockdown measures continue to try and dehumanize us from free thought, to who we can associate with, to if we can do anything without prodding, masking, and tracking, intimidation, tickets, and fines, from fake food to approved distances apart.  All to make us more robotic and free AI teachers.  A science experiment as they reproduce, remake, recreate, redefine, and reset every aspect of our lives so they get “creator status” and we are the newest, most valuable, intelligent slaves, dictators and fear-mongers have ever owned in history.


We recognize who our Creator actually is – who gave us life and freedom – God!  Never before have I realized how much we benefitted from God’s law.  And how much I took it for granted! 


God has always led people to freedom and wants us to live an abundant free life.


Don’t be manipulated by victims of tyranny.  If you don’t want to join the cult you have to leave the cult behind.  Just like drowning victims they will pull you down just trying to save themselves. They also may manipulate you as their abusers do them.  They can never be pleased.  You can never satisfy them.  They need help but be careful about it.  You can always restore a relationship later after you’ve healed or they’ve healed. 


Recognize that we are helping to build our own prison with each decision we make and dollar we spend.  But if we know we are building the prison we can STOP building the prison.  Just say no!


Freedom won’t eliminate death or illness or scrapes and difficulties – that’s life!  But neither does the cult of Covidism.  Freedom simply draws us together in those difficulties to serve one another.  We’re not here to exist – we’re here to live!


And hey DOUG, if you’re not sure what you’re doing because you always say you don’t because you hand over your leadership to certain unelected health officials – if you’re not sure what to do in the face of “catastrophe” dear leader – the best course of action is NOTHING.  Stand back and protect our space like a real leader and let us take up our responsibilities and find our own solutions because we are free humans and not your cattle.


Be brave!  Have gumption!   Take up your responsibilities – your life and your power, ask for help if you need it, network while you’re here – support those that support you!


We will live normally – we will live free. 


Except now that we know what we know,


we’re going to do it better this time.

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