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I met Peter Wright at the second rally in Aylmer.  I was fascinated by his own experiences facing government oppression.  He asked me to be on his podcast to talk about standing up for freedom and what it’s been like in my own experience with the Aylmer lawful public freedom marches.

The oppression he faced in his life cost him dearly.  He saw it first hand in the start of the genocide in Rwanda.  People say they can’t believe that a million people could be killed and Peter explains that you need to because if you don’t stand up for your freedom and your rights right from the beginning it goes like a bushfire.  His fear is that what we are seeing now is very similar to what happened in Germany in 1938/39 and very few people are connecting the dots.

Peter is so glad that people are standing up and drawing attention to what is going on today and that is what lead us to this podcast.

I am especially looking forward to his talk tonight (Dec 3 2020) on the Vaccine Choice Canada zoom call.  If you aren’t a member sign up today!  This talk alone will be worth the price of membership.  I’m certain VCC will post it up on their youtube channel at some point though and then I will connect that here as well.

We both know that freedom including medical freedom is paramount.  I was really happy to chat with Peter and Kathleen.  Please forgive me for not being great at chatting live and answering questions on my feet for these sorts of live interviews!  In spite of my obvious flaws I’m glad I can contribute in some way to get this country back on it’s feet and back to our God given freedoms that made it great in the first place.

A big thank you to all of you who read this blog and do whatever you can do for freedom.  It all matters and it all makes a difference.



“Until we speak up for truth, even at great personal cost, we won’t know how many around us are ready to stand up as well.”  Joe Boot 

Kimberly Neudorf talks to Peter and Kathleen about the freedom rally in Aylmer, Ontario and her concerns that the coronavirus is being used as an excuse to deny the rights of Canadians. 

The Yakking Show is brought to you by Peter Wright & Kathleen Beauvais!   

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