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I got 4 charges under the Re-Opening Ontario act on November 26 for the 2 Aylmer Freedom Rallies I put together.

Some people hang their child’s artwork on the fridge.  I hang the charges that show I’m fighting for their future.

We were all at the pots and pans rally hosted by MPP Randy Hillier at Queen’s Park November 26 – another one of those Charter protected, lawful, and important freedom events!  Directly afterwards Randy received his summons to appear in court and when I got home I received my own summons to appear in court January 14th with 4 charges.  1 for organizing and 1 for attending, times 2 marches.  This includes the march Nov 7 with 2000 people and the march of 300 people that had only 24 hours of notice to decide to come October 24, 5 weeks ago! 

What a week: within 48 hours of Adam Skelly being arrested charges were laid on MPP Randy Hillier, myself, Kristen Nagle, and Myriam Cottard from London Ontario who also organized a freedom rally (and another woman, who even didn’t!).  Speakers in Aylmer Ontario including Herbert Hildebrandt, Pastor Henry Hildebrandt were also charged.  And after all that, Caitlyn Richer organizing from Cornwall was charged too.  

Is it a coincidence that we all got charged within days of each other or is this more of a concerted government operation?  

We’re wondering, why now?  

What took so long after my first march to decide suddenly to charge me for that one?  Regardless, this is far from over and there is much we can do and are doing in the name of freedom as we continue to stand up and speak up!

The abuse of humanity, let alone the Canadian people, from this social experiment by so called “experts” has to end.

I am thrilled that this is going to court – it must.  

We have to finally show what this country actually is – is it free or is it not – is this Canada or is it not?  

I met with Rocco Galati on Saturday to get ready for court!  Massive pleasure.  Life is amazing standing for freedom.


Summons Fridge Art Kimberly Neudorf

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Update:  Been postponed until Friday March 12 2021, 11:30AM

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