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The Original Freedom Message


Let’s not forget why we put our necks on the line for freedom in the beginning!  And remember, you are enough.



Charges here:

The investigation by detectives focused on such individuals, resulting in the following charges against a 43 year old Alymer female:

1.       Part III summons Fail to comply with a continued 7.0.2 Order contrary to the Ontario Re-Opening Act 2020, section 10(1) 82/20 Ontario Regulation, schedule 4 section 1(c)

2.       Part III summons for Fail to Comply with an Order made during a declared emergency section 7.0.11(1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act

As the female was charged under the ROA, which is provincial legislation and not the Criminal Code of Canada, the Niagara Regional Police Service will not be disclosing their name.

Further charges are pending, in addition to those issued by Niagara Regional by-law.

You know, when I look out into the crowd, I see beautiful, smiling, healthy, strong courageous, loving, caring, beautiful humans!


Isn’t it strange then that all of “us people” – you know, this rag-tag group of mis-fits, has been looked down upon, mistreated, abused, thought of as dirty and diseased, undignified, uncompassionate, unkind.  We’ve been segregated, cast out and cancelled — the hate is real.


How is this paradox possible?  How have we gone from loving humans to hated individuals in the eyes of the fearful masses?  How have we become so divided?


There’s been something on my mind that is bothering me, and I want to take a few minutes to share a perspective that I believe is important.


In the midst of all this division and tyranny, a new experimental unknown has been thrown into the mix.


Because it’s new and controversial, no one really knows for sure what is going on with it.  Is it deadly?  Could be.  Is it risky?  Probably.  Is it untested and being foisted on fearful populations?  Most definitely!


Whatever it is, and the full measure of that won’t be known for some time, we have every right to be very uncomfortable not only with the incredible amount of adverse reactions and deaths that this new Covid shot has already caused, but we also have every right to be wary of the consequences that being around people who have received it might have on us.  And I am seeing a lot of fear spreading in what I like to call ourselves – the “control group”!


What I want to tell you is perhaps anti-trend at the moment, but I’m going to go out on a limb and tell you something shocking:  I have hugged people who’ve got the shot.  I hang out with them.  And … I’m still fine! Well, as fine as I was before!  (Take from that what you will.)


I understand the hesitation you might have.  It seems sort of risky, doesn’t it?  There are so many mixed messages and so many unknowns from all the people we get information from – no one really knows what the effects of being around Covid-vaccinated people are.  Does it shed like a traditional virus?  We all know that it’s not a traditional virus, but does it have transmission effects?  It’s no wonder there is so much confusion – because it’s all new, and largely untested!


But I want to remind you about something.  It’s the message we started with at the beginning.  My daughter made a sign way back at the first rally I hosted in my hometown.  The one which started my beautifully decorated refrigerator full of court summonses.  Her sign said this:  Freedom is risky so have some courage.


We either are for freedom, which includes medical freedom, or we’re not.  If we really believe people should be free to make their own choices then we shouldn’t be afraid of the freedom that they have to make them.  What have all of us been proclaiming about our health from day one? 


That it’s all about our immune system – which you can’t get from big-pharma.

That the key to our human survival for many millenia is our immune system, and God knows that we’ve survived far worse than this Covid creation!

That we trust our bodies to be able to heal, and to protect us.

That we are people who hug, who decry the mantra of “social distancing”, who walk upstream against the grocery aisles Covid arrows, maskless and healthy.


So, now that we might be harbouring just a little resentment at the guinea pigs who lined up to volunteer as lab rats with the Rona shot, aren’t we damn well within our rights to stick it to those people and tell them to stay away from us for a good little while?  Perhaps even hoping just a teeny bit that they get an adverse reaction good and hard?!  Hoping, as my friend facetiously suggested, that the weak, fearful masses who have called us no end of hateful names might just get what’s coming to them, die off, and leave the beautiful rag-tag people I’m talking to right now in charge?!  Cool.


It’s tempting, trust me!  But if that’s our attitude, are we any better than the tyrants running this show? Yeah, those ones – the ones afraid of how our freedom might jeopardize them.  The double-maskers who stand at political podiums shedding crocodile tears, who will vow to not let ONE MORE PERSON die of Covid, even if it means 10 other collateral deaths.   The “brave” leaders who make sure all the photographers from the mainstream media are lined up to take their photo when they get their saline injection.  You know the ones! 


You know what I suggest?  LET’S NOT BE LIKE THEM!


My vaccinated buddies know full well that we’re not fans of that medical route, and we’ve given them PILES of information. But we’re not canceling them, just because they don’t agree.  We’re not shunning them even though we might have some hesitation about being around them, fresh off the Pfizer.   We trust all those same things that we told them about when we all weren’t scared of the Rona – our immune system, our ability to take care of our bodies and our families, and the importance of being together for our overall health.  Why should we change our message now?


The unknowns of shedding or transmission or whatever it is or isn’t – we all didn’t put our necks on the line for freedom just to be divided now that some have chosen to take an experimental gene therapy jab.  We need to advocate for freedom, always!


They’ll tell you that you’re not a doctor, so put your Google doctorate away and stop spreading misinformation.


But then, you’ll give them a doctor, but they’ll say – NOT THAT DOCTOR!  He’s not an epidemiologist!


So you give them an epidemiologist, and they’ll scream – NOT THAT epidemiologist – he’s obviously a conspiracy theorist!


You can never give them the perfect person, as much as they are screaming for this mythical perfect person; someone worthy enough for their attention, someone sacred enough to cause them to change their way of thinking and their life.  It doesn’t take long to realize that even if it were Jesus Christ himself speaking to them, they would say “NOT THAT JESUS!” – they wouldn’t like Him anymore than the jeering crowds who crucified Him!  So you’re in good company if they tell you that you aren’t good enough to give them help.


In spite of the hate, remember that you are worthy – you are the one that was chosen to take care of your family!  Despite all of our faults, we are good enough for that.  Ironically, everyone now has finger-tip access to any article, medical journal or study or blog or opinion.  But because most of the population has decided that they themselves are not worthy to figure out what is best for themselves, they project their unworthiness onto you.  It is nothing more than self-hate, self-loathing that rejects the notion that another person like you or I could possibly find something worth sharing to help them, or even to help yourself or your own family, much less save humanity. 


Sadly, they have also been conditioned to think of themselves weapons of mass destruction, and that they are nothing more than little viruses that could kill someone at any second with one fateful breath of air. 


If that’s your thinking – let me speak directly to you:  You are not guilty!  You are not guilty for all the years you may or may not have made someone sick or killed someone when you had the flu, for example.  Life is risky – have some courage.  Freedom is risky – grow a spine and get living!


When living is confusing and unsure, don’t make decisions out of fear!  If you don’t know the way to go, stop and ask yourself, “Who is my Shepherd?”, and always go towards freedom. 

original freedom st catharines kimberly neudorf

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