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Maybe Just Do Your Part

Let Your Light Shine!




Considering this quote by Martin Luther King Jr today:

Those who love Peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.

Those who love peace must learn to organize


Organize?  Seems impossible.


Sure, I’m doing my part and have charges to prove it and there are a bunch of people that are greater than me doing their part too but here we are.



The problem may not be organization but the fact that we aren’t psychopaths that control other people — we let people think for themselves and aim to educate, empower, and wake up rather than force.

We don’t frighten people into submission but show them how to live fearlessly.

We don’t pump out propaganda but do the things that are good because we have respect for humanity and want to raise people up.

It appears that most people like to be afraid, locked down, and would rather not take personal responsibility or the leading part in their own lives.  Mostly, they want to ignore reality.  So that’s why we’re here in the state we are in.



Or maybe it’s not working very quickly because we’re not billionaires.

What it comes down to is that good and freedom doesn’t rule over others and it looks like people want to be ruled.



Why don’t people want to be free?



I guess they can’t imagine it.  No vision.

Let your light shine so they can see.  Be free.


They are going to squint for awhile but they’ll get used to the light in a sec.

Let your light shine Mother child smiles bright light sunshine Kimberly Neudorf

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