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Hold a Summit – Freedom for Canada

It’s time.


Randy Hillier has been an exceptional role model throughout this worldwide crisis.  Most importantly he listens, he teams up, he works to help us.  He is no politician – he is ever faithfully our elected representative.

Randy is already in!  Cannot wait for more to jump on board and unite for freedom!  We need unity to end this once and for all. The snowball is growing.


  1.  You all have at least one very important thing in common: you (like many of us whom you serve) are part of the disenfranchised – the cancelled. I propose a compelling initiative:

  2. Put aside any obvious differences you may have; hold a summit. (Randy can post lots of pics to p*ss off the ruling class which booted you). Form a united opposition. Watch many of your former colleagues, who are on the fence and waiting for a critical mass to form, join in.

  3. Your united group will become a rallying point for business leaders, religious leaders, law enforcement, and the shrinking middle class, to throw off the shackles of tyrannical government and their edicts. Watch the brave come out of the woodwork, leaving a crumbling house.

  4. It will be the start of a return to common-sense governance. Every time one of you has exhibited courage, legions of new support has followed you. We’ve seen it. Imagine the possibilities of putting your heads together. Canada can lead the way. Hold the summit. It’s time.


Great leaders are not too proud to incorporate a good idea.

Update: Unity is forming by way of the Liberty Coalition and an End the Lockdown Caucus!

Article by True North News. Click below:


True North Canadian News

Please encourage your elected representatives to join Randy and others to unite for freedom!  Click below:


Liberty Coalition Canada

Let’s Lead the World.

It’s happening!!!   Look at that!

Unity for Freedom!

Update for Feb 4 2021:

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