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Free Pastor Coates

Standing for Freedom in Canada:  A Pastor In JAIL.

Someone mentioned to me that Canadians might not be aware that this is happening here. 
Canada should be absolutely ashamed of allowing this injustice not only for this Pastor but upon all of us.  This pastor is not treated well.  He’s actually hungry in there. 
Also even if he was convicted his punishment does not even include jail time – yet here Canada puts him – a man standing on faith and principles in jail.  A man who is NOT violent and NOT a threat, a peaceful man in jail.
Simultaneously MOST of Canada sits around staying on zoom allowing this hell to take ahold of our country.
Do you have a church?  It needs to be OPEN. That’s all you have to do.  All you have to do to save this country is do what Christ called you to do and follow Him.  That would change everything for the better.
This is NOT about a virus.  You need help with your health?  I can gladly give you some directions and avenues you can explore to help you.  And I’m sure you too can find the help you need.
From this pastor’s wife:
“James is okay. He received his canteen (extra snacks and hygiene products) so he’s a little less hungry. The lack of activity is starting to affect him, he’s very active in both mind and body so this is hard for him. He used to filling his mind with deep theological truth day-in and day-out. I asked him why our phone calls were so short and he had informed me that he only gets 2 15 blocks of time out of his cell. When he has to shower he only has enough time to tell me he loves me and he has to go. This was the case this morning a quick “I love you.”
This Pastor is being held here in prison until MAY.  MAY!  Because he is standing for your rights to have church, have a social life, have birthday parties, have work, and have the freedom to have a LIFE.
YOU assume the risk you wish to live your life. That’s on YOU. 
You don’t get to control the rest of the country, your neighbour, or anyone outside of your immediate family to be at the whims of your fears and your understanding of reality.
What is happening is NOT the stuff of a free country.  Not the stuff of Canada.  Not the stuff that is good for our children or their future. 
Wake up and stop participating in the abuse and destruction of our society.
Free Pastor Coates

Alberta court jails Pastor Coates through to May 3-5 trial

Mar 5th, 2021 – Click Below:

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

Appeal for Pastor Coates’ release from prison set for March 4, 2021

Mar 3rd, 2021 – Click Below:

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

BREAKING: Pastor James Coates to be RELEASED

Mar 17, 2021 – Click Below:

Rebel News

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