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Wife, Homeschool Mom, ran a couple freedom marches advocating for life with opportunities without government overreach.

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I do
Amazing 👏🏻🏆🎉❤️💯
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Staffer who donated $100 to truckers’ convoy and was fired by Ford government seeks $450,000 for wrongful dismissal and $1.5 million for invasion of privacy, public disclosure of private fact, damage to reputation and emotional distress.

Fight injustice!
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What to do returning to Canada , Copied from Police on guard :
Vancouver, [Apr 18, 2022 at 12:02 PM]

Quarantine Act
Federal laws of canada

Return to Canada after being in Florida and California:

Border crossing: Rainbow Bridge
Date: Monday April 11th 1:30am
Duration: 45 min
Punishments: None

Brief description of experience.
1. Pulled up to booth.
1. Where were you?
2. How long?
3. What reason?
4. Bringing anything back?
5. Asked why I didn’t have the arrive can
1. I said I don’t consent to providing that information and that the only document needed to enter the country I am a citizen of is my passport
6. Asked if I was vaccinated
1. Told them I do not disclose my private medical information
7. Asked if I had a place to quarantine
1. Told him yes
8. Asked for my address
1. Told them I don’t have to provide that information and that my passport was the only document I needed to provide
9. Fills out yellow slip and sends me aside to speak with his supervisor.
10. Supervisor and 2 border agents come out. 2 border agents search my car and supervisor proceeds to ask similar questions above
11. Asked why I didn’t fill out arrive can
1. Told them I don’t consent to providing that information and that my passport was the only document needed
12. Asked why I did not have a test done
1. Quoted section 14.1 of the Quarantine act.
13. Told me there was a public health order in place that everyone entering the country had to comply with.
1. I told them that in order for a mandate like this to be valid it needed my consent to enter this contract. I told them I do not consent to this mandate and that this mandate would be void because I do not consent.
14. Public health was not on site and I was asked to provide my cell phone number in order for them to contact me.
1. I refused to provide that information and said they only document and information I needed to enter my country was my passport.
15. He had public health call their phone where I spoke with them.
1. Asked similar questions as above.
2. I quoted the quarantine act 14.1 again and told them I did not have any symptoms and that is all they can do to screen me for C-19.
16. Border Agent Supervisor said that I should quarantine for 14 days and handed my 2 test kits for day 1 and day 8 and proceeded to say do what you want with this as we cannot enforce once you leave.

What I believe helped me be successful.
1. Familiarize yourself with the inside page of your passport.
2. Understand section 14.1 of the Quarantine act
3. Do not say more than what you need to.
1. You do not need to disclose any personal information (cell phone number or home address). Passport is all that is needed.
4. Be respectful but stay firm and confident.

I thanked the border agent supervisor as he walked me out. He told me he does not agree with everything that is happening but it is their job to enforce whatever they are told to.

He thanked me for being respectful and also made a comment mentioning that “I clearly knew what I was talking about”.

They will try to shake you down but be respectful, confident and stern.
Seriously. It's not sad that there is a lack of commercial baby formula these days.

What IS sad is that mothers and fathers don't know how nor have the resources to good quality ingredients to make their own baby formula! It's like we're a third world country and don't know how to use our resources to make good crops. Oh wait, their problem is government too.

Raw milk is essential for baby formula and it's really difficult to get. But if you have to have it you can find a way in spite of government making it illegal. Can you imagine government makes illegal what is fundamental in a wholesome baby formula? Of course you can! 😛
︎Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was NOT 95% effective as they claimed. The data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate for the first 7 days...then falls to less than 1% (0.84%)
︎There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials. Instead, they tested it on 44 rats before claiming it was "safe"
︎There are a total of 9 sites revealed so far (as of May 2, 2022) of 158. Under 6.6% of the Subjects are accounted for. Where did the data relating to the hundreds of other Subjects/trial participants go?
︎Where are the 25,706 patients missing from the Pfizer data?
︎The lipid nanoparticles were found to have distributed throughout the body — in the liver, ovaries & other vital organs 48 hrs post injection
︎The latest release can be found via the database here or at the ICAN site here.
Is this why the Crown is dropping or ignoring my charges for attending rallies and just focussing on the fact that I hosted peaceful protests? Probably part of the reason.
😂 Awww they never considered the negative impacts. Funny. And that's why the government and the experts can declare whatever they want but the FAMILY decides how they'd like to deal with any declaration of emergency. WE considered everything! WE choose the best for our own families! These people "in charge" are criminals.
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Not impressed Mercola is endorsing Tony Robbins' new book Life Force. Tony Robbins' health care company Fountain of Life .com appears to be related to his

Fountain OS let's you launch a Biotech Store uniting your body, AI, sales, lifestyle. Certain club access and your ability to work.

A Biotech Store is a catalog of patient journeys, such as a Coronary CTA scan of your heart... patients can access unattainable health... services.

Encourage Corporate Wellness in which employers have tools to encourage healthy living for their workforce.

Living through hell the last 2 years this whole business doesn't look like a great direction moving forward -- yet here we are.

Is this just good health disguised as moving you into some AI scheme? Looks like it. Mercola endorsing Tony Robbins who is putting natural health gurus on the AI train.

Better to stick to the fundamentals of health and skip out on Tony Robbins' Life Force.
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Interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell confirms that the Ottawa Police never requested the Trudeau government to invoke the Emergencies Act. #cdnpoli
I think this is the winter that food will be crazy expensive. With gas prices the way they are and all the meat and food processing plants going up in flames… should be a good time. 😬
Would be nice to be free and not have government controlling every aspect of our lives so that we could actually get ahead in life and even enjoy it!
When asked how he stayed focused through the frightening ordeal, Harrison cited God as his center and strength through.

"The hand of God was on that plane," he told Guthrie. "That's the only thing I can attribute it to, there's no other explanation for it."