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Wife, Homeschool Mom, ran a couple freedom marches advocating for life with opportunities without government overreach.

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Pandemic-era lockdowns and travel restrictions violated the freedoms of association, conscience, religion, mobility and peaceful assembly set forth in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Even today, despite acute under-staffing in health care, the British Columbia government still prevents many doctors and nurses from returning to work, solely because they legitimately exercised their right to bodily autonomy by refusing the COVID vaccine.

Governments have also disregarded the constitutional principle of democratic accountability. Our Constitution requires that prospective laws be debated, and come into force only after approval by a vote of elected representatives who are accountable to the people.

To a significant degree, members of Parliament and of provincial legislatures abandoned their constitutional power to make laws for the better part of three years. Legislators did not debate the restrictions that drove many Canadians into unemployment, poverty, isolation, loneliness, depression and despair. Instead, they empowered unelected health officials to speak new laws into force at news conferences.

A public health emergency should not be used as a pretext for suspending the legislature’s normal obligations and proceedings. To ensure that these egregious violations of Canada’s Constitution do not occur again, legislative reforms are needed.
Remember in 2020 when the government and media invented an imaginary virus and then like a bunch of doctors killed people on ventilators to make the virus seem real? 🙂 That's been silently investigated as of late as well. According to new analysis it turns out that ventilators may have 'fueled' covid-19 deaths. Imagine. What? You can't be serious.
I love Roseanne 😄 This is a great interview. Roseanne has some wise things to say! I especially like what she says about talking to family. I agree:

"Don't ever hold your tongue when it comes to anyone in your family cuz that's just sweeping the crap under the rug and then you end up with a huge rug in the middle of your house with a lot of shit underneath it that you're living with when you should be sweeping it out the door everyday so you can have a clean house with no clutter. You never hold your tongue! Just learn to say things nicely.

"You can't just say you don't like something, you have to say 'it kind of bothers me when you do this and I'd really like to resolve that between us so that we can stay close.' ... See, you gotta bullshit like that."

LOL Truth.
Back to the CBC instagram link above. This comment is a real winner 😛 lol

"i’m just going to say this: to the people saying that they went to camp here, and there was never any conversion therapy…who cares?? it’s happening NOW and we all know that even if there wasn’t a program in the past, the beliefs are very much against people being gay. i also went to this camp and i know that the church i attended (hopecity) made my best friend believe he was living in sin, and forced conversion therapy on him. just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. don’t be small minded and believe that these things don’t happen behind closed doors. and as for what catons posted, all you need to read is “confusion to clarity” to see that it is an undercover conversion therapy. believe what you wish, but this is harmful to many people!"

What on earth?!? How is it CONVERSION therapy to encourage people to embrace who they are? Didn't this whole woke movement start with wanting people to embrace who they were? Oh, it only matters when you're embracing who you aren't but this poisoned belief of believing you can be anything you put your mind to. LOL These people have no nuance and don't know how to draw the line because a line to them is bad. Heaven forbid they are forced to think.
Media is too big
Canadian Physician Testifies the Truth About the COVID ‘Anti-Vaccine’

“This new type of vaccine turned out to be a complete failure. In fact, what they had created was not a vaccine but an anti-vaccine,” expressed Dr. Charles Hoffe.

“They [Cleveland Clinic] followed these [51,000] people for three months to see who was getting COVID … the people that had had the bivalent booster, the one that's supposed to keep you the safest, they were getting COVID more than anyone else,” he denoted.

“There was an absolute direct linear correlation that the more shots you got, the more likely you would get COVID.”

Hear more from Dr. Charles Hoffe on #CHDTV:

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He knew.
Forwarded from The Vigilant Fox 🦊
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RFK Jr: "Tony Fauci Knew That Remdesivir Would Kill You"

"How does it kill you?" he asked. "Kidney failure, heart failure, and all-organ collapse."

"All the doctors said. You heard it again and again. 'We've never seen a virus that attacks the kidneys.' Because it wasn't the virus; it was the remdesivir."

@VigilantFox 🦊
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The regular CBC "experts" bribed hundreds of thousands of dollars .Watch until the end. This testimony shows CBC planted a fake sign at the convoy and knowingly lied throughout the past 3.5 years at the cost of all good Canadian's. The exposure of the CBC has finally come. Find out how CTV and other mainstream news channels also signed on to be part of a new fake news group with an actual name, so they would all tout the same lies at the same time in unison.