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Wife, Homeschool Mom, ran a couple freedom marches advocating for life with opportunities without government overreach.

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If you have time to watch this movie, do!! It’s so applicable to our times. You’ll identify with it. I did! The only difference is that the Crown Attorney doesn’t interrupt and lead the proceedings and the good side wins. 🥳 You’ll love it. It’s on Amazon Prime.
Do you know what "safe and effective" means according to the CDC? I'm going to tell you.
Safe means tested in 50 people and nobody died and only 8% needed professional medical attention. Effective means there is NO evidence whatsoever of a clinical benefit. Got it?
“While we are pleased that some of the burden has now been lifted from Dr. Gill’s shoulders and she has been vindicated, it is concerning that it went this far,” said Ms. Bildy. “The top-down imposition of a singular unquestionable narrative, on pain of disciplinary proceedings, has been damaging not only to the doctors who advocated for evidence-based medicine and robust scientific debate about novel public health measures and their consequences, but it has also been damaging to the credibility of the institutions which imposed them.”
So my friend Lindsay is the best at filling out town surveys! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo! 🏆😁
Bill C-4 made it a criminal offense to try to help a child feel comfortable with their sex. It’s totally acceptable under the law to convince a girl she is a boy, send her into teenaged menopause with puberty blockers, give her testosterone which will require a hysterectomy, cut off her breasts, and turn her into a lifelong pharmaceutical patient. If you object to this practice, you can now be charged with “conversion therapy” and face up to five years in prison.

This is total madness – but unfortunately for Canadians, the bill was confirmed unanimously in the House and the Senate. On the day that it passed, Pierre Poilievre’s hand-picked deputy, Melissa Lantsman, tweeted “Some days are exceptionally good days.” Conservatives and Liberals were dancing and crying in the aisles, hugging each other.

A virtually identical bill called Bill C-6 had passed the House during the previous government, but hadn’t passed the Senate yet when Trudeau called an election in 2021. At that time, 62 Conservatives voted against the bill. Among the minority of Conservatives who voted in favour was the Conservative party leader, Pierre Poilievre.
Will you take the covid vax this fall? LOL Of course you won't. The poll is still open:

Encouraging to see the number of people who are not taking their shots this fall.

I wonder if that will still be the case when they bring on the coercion ... oh, I mean the
'you've always had a choice and we didn't ever make you do it' measures.
After the #1MillionMarch4Children just march your kids right out of school for good. Homeschool or find a better alternative. You can do this parents!
Vaccine Choice Canada Scheduled to appear in court January 2024 with Rocco Galati.

Dear Members and Supporters,
Many of you have asked for an update on the status of the legal proceedings launched by Vaccine Choice Canada.
In consultation with the Board of Directors, and our legal council, Rocco Galati, I’ve drafted an answer to your questions entitled, The State of Law in Canada, that can be read in its entirety accessing the link to our website in this email.
It's important that you know that these cases are still active in the courts, as well as some of the reasons for the delay.
My intention in writing is to explain the delay and reassure you that we are as committed as ever to achieving a successful outcome.
Thank you for your patience and your continued support.
We can’t do this without you. 
"Early in 2023, genomics scientist Kevin McKernan made an accidental discovery. While running an experiment in his Boston lab, McKernan used some vials of mRNA Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines as controls. He was ‘shocked’ to find that they were allegedly contaminated with tiny fragments of plasmid DNA.

McKernan, who has 25 years’ experience in his field, ran the experiment again, confirming that the vials contained up to, in his opinion, 18-70 times more DNA contamination than the legal limits allowed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In particular, McKernan was alarmed to find the presence of an SV40 promoter in the Pfizer vaccine vials. This is a sequence that is, ‘…used to drive DNA into the nucleus, especially in gene therapies,’ McKernan explains. This is something that regulatory agencies around the world have specifically said is not possible with the mRNA vaccines..

..Now, McKernan, Dr Buckhaults and other scientists are calling for urgent research to test whether the DNA contamination is lingering in the cells of mRNA vaccinated people, and whether the human genome has in fact been altered by mRNA Covid vaccines."
Ontario court recently dropped charges against Michael Schmidt and his wife, Elisa Vanderhout, alleging violations of Ontario’s dairy laws, which prohibit distribution of raw milk.

The dropping of charges came after Schmidt and Vanderhout presented convincing evidence to the court that his primary government pursuer, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture investigator Glenn Jarvie, misled law enforcement about Schmidt’s actions. According to Schmidt’s motion seeking dismissal, supposedly anonymous complaints filed with police and agriculture authorities in 2019 that Schmidt was selling raw milk didn’t come from upset citizens, but rather from Jarvie himself.

Only received 20 photographs in the disclosure related to their surveillance and none of them contained any evidence of alleged ‘milk distribution’.
"Welcome to the world of the middle-class, middle-aged shoplifter - women with zero financial reasons to steal, but for whom doing so appears to be a reaction to feeling unfulfilled in their 40s and 50s."

... 'I get away with it because I'm the calm, middle-aged, middle-class woman who looks so normal and respectable. I've seen other women like me fill up their trolleys and walk brazenly past security staff without paying for a thing.'"

If only they could channel their restlessness into something more productive...

For some reason they have a lack of principles that keeps them in line. No accountability. No understanding of how their actions actually make their lives worse. And probably no area in their lives they get to take any real risks or do hard things -- everything is controlled so this is a small thrill and act of rebellion but

they aren't courageous enough to do something meaningful and good.
This is the first chat/podcast I haven't listened to in 1.5 playback speed in a long time.

Randy and Chelsea sit down to discuss parliamentary procedure to get to the bottom of the lies being told by all parties and politicians.

This one is worth your time.