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Wife, Homeschool Mom, ran a couple freedom marches advocating for life with opportunities without government overreach.

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Just FYI, as this says, the capital gains tax increase pain is going to be felt mostly by middle class entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you thought it was just for the ultra-rich, it's time to get educated on where they keep the bulk of their money (HINT it's not in high tax markets like Canada). This hits middle class families like ours the hardest when it's time to retire or sell part or all of the business you spend your life working to grow. Capital gains taxation is fundamentally Marxist to the core, punishing hard work and growth. Growth that is typically also significantly inflationary growth, so the more they drive inflation, the more your business is worth and they more they will tax you. See how that works?
The Raw Milk Institute:
Justin Trudeau flew direct from Europe to the conference in Calgary, where he acknowledged transparently that he is trying to go around the Constitution by dealing directly with municipalities and circumventing the provincial order of government.

To those on Municipal Councils and the staff:

FCM Conference in Calgary Alberta
Federation of Canadian Municipalities:
Perhaps Margaret Fong said it best last week after speaking with delegates in Calgary attending the FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show.
The FCM is a lobby group, by which she means:
whatever its origins, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities has become a platform through which the federal government lobbies municipalities, offering them funds which require them to enter into obligations requiring certain outcomes (vague as their descriptions may be, pertaining to resilience and sustainability) and timelines.

Vaccine Choice Canada has decided to abandon its lawsuit over the useless and oppressive Covid mitigation measures. The prospects of victory are simply too slim.
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After much consultation and deliberation the Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada have decided to file a ‘Notice of Discontinuance’ with regards to the legal action filed on July 6, 2020 (Court File No. CV-20- 00643451-0000). Discontinuance means that a party, for its own reasons, has chosen not to continue the litigation. The decision to discontinue does not take away from the importance or merit of the case.
It is the position of the Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada that to continue this legal matter at this time is not advisable. Our confidence in the independence and integrity of our Courts, and their willingness to properly consider the available facts and scientific evidence has been seriously eroded, past repair or hope. We are of the opinion that to participate in a fraudulent and illegitimate process is to give legitimacy to that process. ...
“The result: every medical school and hospital was subjected to licensing by the state, which would turn the power to appoint licensing boards over to the state AMA. The state was supposed to, and did, put out of business all medical schools that were proprietary and profit-making, that admitted blacks and women, and that did not specialize in orthodox, “allopathic” medicine: particularly homeopaths, who were then a substantial part of the medical profession, and a respectable alternative to orthodox allopathy.

In all cases of cartels, the producers are able to replace consumers in their seats of power, and accordingly the medical establishment was now able to put competing therapies (e.g., homeopathy) out of business; to remove disliked competing groups from the supply of physicians (blacks, women, Jews); and to replace proprietary medical schools financed by student fees with university-based schools run by the faculty, and subsidized by foundations and wealthy donors.”

The burgeoning cartel meant “a skewing of the entire medical profession away from patient care toward high-tech, high-capital investment in rare and glamorous diseases,”
Non citizens being police officers, applied for his old job as Crown Attorney and couldn't even get an interview, bow ties need to make a comeback, same with hats 😄 , questioning any aspect of the Holocaust wasn't a crime until a couple years ago when the Conservative party of Canada introduced that as a private members bill, record your RIDE stop conversation if you want - you can record police whenever you want, Coutts, degradation of law since 2020, disclosure rules, sentencing, ... people have turned their back on God - that's why we're where we are.
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🇺🇸Citizens watch as Trump's shooter calmly settles down on the roof of a building with the full connivance of the police and the Secret Service. Just yesterday, several citizens reported that they reported what was happening on video before the shooting, but the police ignored these warnings. The video proves this - the shooter could be freely observed, but those who should have prevented this for some reason were inactive.
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