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Aylmer Freedom Rally Recap


First Live Chat about my 2nd Lawful Public Freedom March in Aylmer Ontario.

Amanda Forbes is the director of Vaxxed Canada as well as president of Children’s Health Defense Canada.

Christine Colebeck is former VP of Vaccine Choice Canada and now VP of Children’s Health Defense Canada and co chair on the board of Parents of a Mask Free Education.

I’m so thankful to be connected with you ladies and so glad to be able to recap on such a successful Peaceful Protest in Aylmer.  I’m happy to put my skin on the line for Freedom to provide a space for people that have had enough of government overreach in their lives when there is no reason to live any way except normally. The bullying and threats from government needs to end. But it will only end when people open their eyes and stop living in fear. That’s why meeting at these Peaceful Protests is vital. People are encouraged and see they can take their lives back and that they are not alone.


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