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Toyota Info


The good news that Toyota employees had advocating for themselves was HUGE.  And rightly so!  It GOOD NEWS for once!  A win for the people.

Many people would like to also take this to their HR and would like the actual source of the information.  Below are the links to the newsletters for the source information.

  1. Original Standup Canada Newsletter: Click Here
  2. Follow up Standup Canada Newsletter: Click Here

The final step is to make sure that you sign up for StandUp Canada’s newsletter here for more upcoming information and please be sure to contact them if you need help.  They do get back to you in a timely manner and they are a great help.  If you have any problems please let me know.  Click Here: 

If you are presenting to your employer, HR or union please be sure to have a group that is in agreement to approach them together.  A group of support will be really helpful for you.

I will also paste the exact newsletter below in the event the links aren’t online after awhile.

Our Latest News – April 7, 2021

Hello everyone!

As promised, here’s what we’ve been up to…and what we’re promoting.

Let’s start with some GOOD NEWS!

Toyota Employees Win Right to Decline Medical Treatment – Weekly Antigen Testing No Longer Mandatory

7,000 employees in Toyota plants in Cambridge and Woodstock Ontario have PUSHED BACK on their employer, who wanted to begin mandatory weekly Antigen testing of all employees effective April 5, 2021.

Here’s what a select group of Toyota employees did – they:

• reached out to Vaccine Choice Canada for a risk assessment for PPE mask wearing with risks vs benefits assessment
• reached out to Stand Up Canada for legal information on their rights to refuse medical treatment (VCC pointed them our way)
• compiled their own legal package and shared it with fellow employees to give them the confidence to refuse this medical treatment
• showed their HR department a video from the provincial government, exposing their test as being useless as per the government’s own health minister (July 2020, Public Health Physician Dr. Yaffe explains the “no-test order for Ontario teachers”. She admits to a 50% false-positive rate for covid tests. Here is the short video clip HERE)
• posed a lot of questions to their HR department about exposure rate of ethylene oxide (substance found on the nasal swab used for testing); in particular what kind of exposure could an employee expect to receive on a weekly basis?; what would happen if a nurse punctures an employee’s nose or the employee doesn’t know they have an allergy to this substance?; what if this employee gets a sinus infection from trapped contaminants in their mask around the shop from touching their mask 40 times every 15 minutes?; and what would happen if an employee were to get bacterial pneumonia?
• indicated that the masks aren’t designed for this specific environment and that NO risk assessment had been done on contaminants trapped in these masks
• indicated that if employees wear masks all day, that they can’t expel this toxic substance out of the nose
• pointed out that under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the employer is responsible for the amount of exposure to ethylene oxide that is airborne – not shoved deep into the nose of employees on a weekly basis
• suggested that they test only the sick, to limit the exposure to ethylene oxide
• advised that their physicians wanted to know the rate of exposure of this toxic substance
• stated that the employer would be deteriorating the trust relationship between employer and employee for a test that has a 55% false positive result
• indicated that the threat of sending employees home without pay (Infectious Disease Leave) if they refuse to be tested, would be a drastic measure only to be assured of eroding the trust of employees
• pointed out that they would be putting healthy people with no symptoms at risk of being unhealthy
• pointed out the glaring fact that this measure could cost the employer billions of dollars in legal fees if words gets out about health risk associated with these tests
• and ended with a single question, “I want to know who is going to be liable?”

Interested to know how main-stream media covered this story? It was disappointing with NO mention whatsoever of employee push back like this and issue of liability. Here is the story covered by Toronto CityNews on April 2, 2021.

Please SHARE this invaluable information with any other employees or parents of school children who may also be facing a similar situation with mandatory testing.

This is a remarkable example of how you STAND UP for your rights and PUSH BACK.

Congratulations to the employee group leader(s) at Toyota who made this happen. We are honoured to have been of service to you as you asserted your rights, along with the unity of help and information from Vaccine Choice Canada – a most treasured and trusted source in Canada for many years. Well done everyone!!

Our Latest News – April 13, 2021

Hello everyone!

FEEDBACK: Toyota Employees Who Asserted Their Rights – Weekly Antigen Testing No Longer Mandatory

We received quite a bit of feedback about this announcement in our last newsletter. Some people were concerned we over-stated the truth while most were elated to finally have some kind of win regarding the right to refuse medical treatment. Here is the truth. This is an absolute win for those employees. Their management was forging ahead with mandatory weekly Antigen testing of a known toxic substance. What they did was remarkable and we are so grateful for the precedent they set for all employees in this regard.

This was no small undertaking by this select group of employees. They did their own research and compiled it all, rallied together and confronted their management – not in an aggressive head-butting style, but with true fact-finding knowledge which was done in the spirit of “good faith”.

While this may in fact be a short-lived win, because of the now present and looming reality of employers attempting to enforce mandatory vaccines, this is still a win nonetheless and should be celebrated as such. We need to celebrate all wins, no matter how short-lived they may be. We need to keep the spirit of HOPE alive in our efforts to maintain the rights to medical freedoms in Canada.

Toyota Info Standup Canada Antigen Testing Kimberly Neudorf

Closing Thoughts…

…we are all being faced with incredible challenges to keep our rights and freedoms

We are all being pushed beyond our normal limits of what constitutes right from wrong

But the amazing examples of the undefeated Canadian spirit, found in our backyard – in our own newsletters, RISES UP when left with no other option but to stand up and fight back!

We are all capable of going above and beyond what we think is possible for ourselves; and we are doing this in the name of defiance to FEAR!

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  1. Paul

    is this win only for the Toyota workers in that area or all of the employees that work for Toyota dealerships in all of Canada

  2. Edward Tigchelaar

    This is indeed welcome news. The rationale for refusing tests, masks and related issues is very well laid out. Those involved need to be commended.

    I was surprised not to read about a violation of the Nuremberg Code. I believe this to be a strong document that can also protect Canadians from the Jab.

    Please send this VICTORY to Premier Doug Ford, Erin O’Toole & The Conservative Party of Canada. Thank you.

    • Irene mousseau

      God is God and those who walk in His truth He exults and those who despise Gods word are lightly esteemed

  3. AJ

    Hey Kimberly! I’m just wondering if you’re going to continue asserting your right to decline treatment in the event that you catch Covid 19?

    • Kimberly Neudorf

      Which treatments are you proposing that I am declining? There are a host of ways to tackle Covid 19. I would decline treatments I don’t think are good and I would pursue treatments that I think are good. That’s what we’re fighting for! There is no one sized fits all way to health.

    • CR

      What an absolutely silly response AJ. As per your line of thinking, I hope you are not overweight, eat junk food, are diabetic, smoke, have low Vitamin d, or don’t exercise cause that will help you catch covid more than anything. Oh and by the way, if you get cardio myocarditis, blood clots, neurological damage, shingles, Guillain Barre, Bells Palsy, covid from the jab, or sudden onset of unstoppable cancer that may have been in remission (that is the most recent development from the nurses on the front line) you are probably not entitled to any treatment either since you gave it to yourself by taking the injection. You won’t have to worry about it at all if you die. If not this year, within the next 5 or so. You need to start thinking critically. Why are 50% of healthcare workers declining this jab? Think about your ridiculous response, and stop watching mainstream fear porn.

  4. Mel

    I am only one who will refuse this, I don’t have a lot of employees behind me in this stand. But I will still refuse testing and the vaccine. keep me in your prayers!

    • Christine Fisher

      I too am now fighting the TVDSB on mandatory testing as of today so I took a sick day off to compile documents for HR tomorrow. I will face disciplinary action on Wednesday and possible removal from the school or told to go home, but not until my union rep shows up first. This is going to be a tough battle but by God’s hand, I will win against evil.

  5. Zoe

    Hey Kim,

    Would love to connect via email if you can. I’m dealing with a lot of pressure from my HR department and these mandates. I’m hoping to get a bit more information so I can fight back as well.

  6. Chase

    I would like to collaboratively note to everyone that is supporting this particular vaccine mandate and vaccine passports, are fully supporting and perpetuating mass orchestrated genocide. You need to be aware of the fact that you are very much playing a part in this propagation and will face trial for complete breach of the Nuremberg code, utter violation of the human charter of rights and discrimination.

    To all the news anchors, radio personnel, media outlets, government officials, politicians and doctors that hide the truth and others guiding this “injection” rollout, justice will come swiftly for those of you lying to the public and mis-leading the populace.

    This letter is not a threat or an intimidation technique. In fact that is exactly what those of you who support the leftist morality and fake woke belief structures use to bully those who don’t support your narrative.

    To the restaurant owners and other businesses, forcing this on your employees and patrons alike, your businesses WILL close and your staff will eventually leave you for this coercion.

    I implore all of you to do a little bit of investigatory research that is available in abundance everywhere for you to see, what you are assisting in propagating on your own people and your children.

    There are ample videos and interviews and warnings, showing and stating these jabs are unsafe. There are thousands of true scientists, virologists, biologists, doctors and nurses alike, showing true numbers and facts, warning of the damage and side effects, including hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, that the media and politicians are trying to hide.
    Facebook, you tube, Twitter and others are intentionally suppressing anyone trying to tell the truth, and providing true science and real facts that you are all following with blind faith. This is on no premiss of understanding that those who are providing the treatments, created the illnesses. They do this Upon your fellow man, your own family and especially your children. And you simply allow it.

    I’m exhausted with your insane misguided narrative that you promote and support, that literally makes zero sense.
    And your responses and direction come from a place of hatred, anger and aggression. You bully, you name call, accuse and demoralize people for their opinions. And then utilize fabricated racism to sell your virtue, and then blame everyone else for your demise.

    That’s simply called Narcissism. Period.

    Deflection, zero accountability, ignorance, full of blame and unapologetic.

    Anyone with half a brain on their shoulders realizes that this is not OK or safe in any regard, let alone a complete violation of our human rights and the charter of Canada. Review your history. This is not ok.

    And yet you all choose to ignore the complete incompetence of our government, The blatant corruption and money laundering and out right incapacity to care for its own people.

    These are not conspiracy theories.

    No we are not anti-VAX or‘s.

    I am actually up-to-date on all of my shots and I support any vaccine that actually works and does the job it was intended to and does not cause further problems for the body long-term or immediate.

    Even if you think this vaccine will save you you must look around and realize that there is something clearly wrong with every aspect of this campaign. The CDC has had to adjust their inflated numbers three times now. The FDA voted 16-2 ! For not approving and promoting boosters, so instead they hired a government sponsored official and created a position for her to override that decision to keep promoting this agenda.

    No the side effects are not outweighing any kind of good that you think your vaccine is doing.

    As it has been stated by many medical professionals and scientists, it is very similar to what happens when you provide antibiotics to someone that does not need it. It creates super bugs that are antibiotic resistant.

    None of you are vaccinated. No one.

    This virus is mutating because in the history of mRNA technology we have never been able to eradicate the common cold also known as coronavirus. There are animal hosts! No vaccine will eradicate this virus. Ever.

    Yes we were able to cure polio with vaccines but that is simply because it did not transfer to animals. Completely different story.

    The virus is mutating around your injection and is simply becoming smarter than the gene altering system you’ve injected into your bodies.

    The numbers do not add up to this being safe for human consumption at any point.
    Dr. Robert Malone himself, the inventor of the mRNA technology, has suggested that this is the virologists worst nightmare.
    It doesn’t work and he said to cease and desist all vaccine roll out effective immediately until further testing can be done and that it is completely unsafe.
    As have countless other professionals in the field that actually understand this rather than all of you Facebook scientists out there.

    Wake up and do some research.

    The numbers don’t add up for this to even be called a pandemic let alone a case-Demic.

    It is public knowledge and public information that is available on government websites, to show how many deaths overall happened in Canada over the past few hundred years by year.

    No more people died in 2020 or 2019 then did in the previous four years, and in fact in 2017 more people died than in 2019.

    Nothing adds up. Look around. Anyone with half a brain and common sense knows this is a lie. ALL OF IT.

    Not to mention the violations to the charter of rights, and multiple discrimination laws you are perpetrating.

    You clearly don’t care about your children or their futures or the future of this country and it’s freedoms.

    I will not be gaslit into believing your left wing narratives and virtue signalling.
    There is way too much irrefutable evidence mounting up, to show that these jabs are extremely dangerous and harmful. It’s killing children and adults alike. The death rates are skyrocketing for deaths as a direct result of the injection they are putting in you. It’s on the Vaers reporting site for you all to see. The number of deaths alone are reported at almost 15,000 in America alone. And the CDC also admits that we are lucky if 10% are actually being reported. This is public information. On their site.

    Stop this madness. Not sure how any of you lack the understating that this is not only unsafe, but it’s complete illegal. I’m not really sure what you think we all have to gain from this, by sounding off alarm bells due to the information that is real and is circulating out there that we are trying to warn you about.

    If this vaccine was safe for my children and myself, and actually did the job it was intended to do, I would take it.

    We are not selfish we are scared.

    Why are you punishing us for that and for protecting those that are closest to us and our children.

    Question everything around you, and investigate the world for what it is. These people are not warning you for fun. We do not wish to be confrontational at all.

    You are perpetuating anger and division.

    This is the most crucial time in history right now for mankind and our freedom.

    If you are not on the right side of history you will be judged for your actions.

    I’m done coddling to you and your insane ideals.

  7. Lori

    Hi Kim

    My employer as well like Toyota is enforcing the rapid test weekly. I have done 3. I get a chemical taste on my tongue afterwards. I asked the pharmacist why I get this taste. He told me there is nothing on the swab.. he showed me it pre packaged.
    If there is the graphine oxide on the swabs or whatever else, can you lead me to article of proof.. something i have to show my employer why I will not be getting rapid tests due to exposure of poison chemicals.
    I try to search it and I cant find the smoking gun.
    Thankyou so much, Lori

  8. Elaine

    My employer is requesting for us to undergo weekly antigen testing (not the PCR) for the unvaxxed or those who refused to disclose their status. Does the same rules apply where we can refuse even though I don’t think it’s considered “genetic” testing? I’m not sure if I have a leg to stand on if I refuse the weekly rapid testing.

    • Sunny

      I am in the same position. The unvaxxed employees are required to take the Rapid Antigen Test every 48 hours. The Toyota employees’ win is the exactly the Antigen Test that our employers are asking us to do.

  9. Sunny

    I work for the Ontario Public Service. The Directive for testing refers to grounds subject to protection under the Ontario Human Rights Code reviewed on a case by case basis. Is the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act somehow related to Ontario Human Rights Code?

  10. Maria

    Isn’t it amazing that the unvaccinated have to get tested all the time when the vaccinated can get it, and transmit it too. It’s not fair and it is illegal for them to be doing this to you. This is an influenza that is not going away. John Campbell from Britain spoke to some doctors and they said this is an endemic. Everyone will get this man made virus just like everyone gets a cold or flu.Your immune system will fight it if you are not vaccinated. The vaccinated might have a harder time. Remember ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D and Hydroxicloroquine are very good preventatives. Good Luck to all of you.


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