Lead Back to Sanity

Lead Back to Sanity

Husky Injection Molding sent out a letter from their CEO.  It’s inspiring.  Maybe he’ll be one of the few who lead the corporate world back to sanity and tell the government to stuff it.   With a name like John Galt, I shouldn’t be surprised.Dear Husky Partner,   As...

I’m Going to Vote

I’m Going to Vote

I do not vote in political elections as a rule. Practically the entire political system reeks of corruption and partisanship. Thus, to vote - regardless of the skin-deep colour of the party logo - simply continues to prop up that corrupt system. I believe that deeply....

I Just Want This to Be Over

I Just Want This to Be Over

To the WW1 Jew who said, “I just want this all to be over!"   I had an hour-long conversation with a friend this morning.  She escaped the former USSR with her daughter and came to Canada in hopes of never reliving the past.  She is now beyond disillusioned that the...

Kimberly Neudorf photo

Hi There!

I’m Kimberly.

I’m a wife & stay-at-home homeschool Mom.  I’ve traveled a bit but for now I’ve ended up back where I started – in my hometown.

A long time ago I got my BMus in performance flute at the University of Western in London Ontario Canada.  Then I got married, had 3 children, and here I am!

I’ve gotten to do so many neat things with my family. When the children were young we had a band and performed together for awhile! I also guide my children through their homeschooling and performing careers. My favourite philosophy has remained the Charlotte Mason method of education.  We have benefitted from that immensely as well as by reading so much classic literature.

My children have gotten to be part of many amazing opportunities some of which include Macbeth at the Stratford Festival, and The Christmas Connection Hallmark movie.

We finally took the plunge and abandoned the accredited course work for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and went full-fledged into the Ron Paul Curriculum.  Government, Austrian economics and history studies have been incredibly useful this past year!

Chances are you won’t catch me reading fiction or anything that’s really entertaining but you will catch me reading health articles all the time.  I love to research and learn about natural health, functional patterns in movement, bio-hacking, and epigenetics to improve my life, my family’s, and people around me.

Mostly notably my life so far has lead me to 8 charges under the Ontario Re-Opening Act.  So far, I’ve ran 2 Fantastic Freedom Marches in Aylmer Ontario which brought me 2 charges for attending and 2 charges for organizing.

Other charges are for Speaking:

Everyone has a part to play and this is the part that I can do.  Standing for our freedom to keep encroaching government at bay so I can continue to provide a healthy environment and a world full of opportunity for my children to grow up in is my most important effort – my legacy.

This is why I’m here!

Need Help?  You Need Community!

And not just any old community, that is for sure.  Now we can see where life is – it’s with those that are striving for freedom. 

These groups below have given me immense hope and have helped me remain sane in this terrible time.  It is SO good to be connected where things are happening and with the people that are doing whatever they can to make sure we can live freely.

Vaccine Choice Canada
Ezra Institute
Druthers Newspaper
No More Lockdowns Canada
Liberty Coalition Canada

 Connect with these people!  Get involved!


Be part of the weekly zoom calls, volunteer, meet others connected with these folks and have a potluck, a party, plan, playdates, meet in barns, or your home.  Embrace your new family and friends.

Find your underground network and start living through the loopholes.  There are underground churches, shops, hairdressers, photographers, grocery stores, bars… new businesses rise up to meet the needs of those in the market of freedom.  Support those businesses that support you!

Be encouraged to carry on and play your part.  Every choice and every decision you make matters – you matter!  You are essential to our freedom.

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