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Call-to-Action Letter to Ontario & Aylmer Police



I had the pleasure of receiving this note from Standup Canada yesterday!

Hi Kimberly, not sure if you saw out latest initiative.  We wrote to ALL Police in Ontario twice, once April 25 and then May 5th, calling for arrest of the Premier.  We just sent a handful of these emails to Police by registered mail.

We sent the Aylmer Police their registered letter yesterday.

That’s right!  Standup Canada continues to advocate for us and even remembers Aylmer after all this time!  I’m truly thankful for the connections we’ve all been able to make through this time.  This has been the biggest blessing of this tyranny – finding the diamonds in the rough and creating a better and stronger community of friends and advocates in freedom.

Make sure you sign up for their newsletter and participate in Standup Canada’s Call to Action to Ontario Police by clicking here.

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Letter to Ontario Police & Aylmer Police forgive and pray for aylmer police peel's principles kimberly neudorf

UPDATE: 2nd Email to all Ontario Police

Many of you may recall we sent an email to all of the Police in Ontario on April 25, 2021 with an urgent plea for arrest of a Public Official, under section 122 of the Criminal Code of Canada – Breach of Trust by Public Officer.

We have not had one reply back yet. Only one other person who sent the same Open Letter, has received a response. We uploaded this letter to our website, with their permission.

So, we sent another follow up email on May 5, 2021, to all Ontario Police and included the Attorney Generals for Ontario as well. Our message contained the same urgent plea, but this time we drew attention to the fact of accountability for when these measures will be deemed unconstitutional by the Courts. Not only will the people responsible for the creation of these unconstitutional measures (laws) be held accountable, but so will any Police Officer who has enforced these measures.

We cited 14 court rulings from other countries that had deemed these very same measures as unconstitutional. It will not be a question of “if”, but of whenthese measures will also be deemed unconstitutional by the Courts in Canada.

You may read our 2nd email HERE; we also uploaded it to our website under the initiative Letter to Police.

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