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How Dare You!


Ridiculously small numbers of people in the hospital due to covid and I think, we shut the world down for this?!?

Have you ever driven down the road and run into a funeral procession along the way? Have you ever discovered someone was hurt while you were having a perfectly marvellous day? You were having a perfectly fine time and at the same time someone else was suffering. How did you feel?  Have you thought about that perplexity before?  I have.  I’ve thought a lot about it.

What were you doing when the twin towers fell?  For me, I was having a particularly wonderful day.  I was teaching a piano lesson to a wonderful old lady.  She had the most beautiful teeth.  I was always impressed about that and then I realized that perhaps those actually weren’t real teeth and maybe that’s why they were so gorgeously white.

Well, she finished her lesson and I walked her outside to the car and it was wonderful weather.  She turned on the radio and heard the horrible news and told me something about it and that she couldn’t believe that this happens in the world.  I didn’t really hear her.  I waved good bye and spent a lot of time outside before I finally heard of the terrible news.

At that moment I was having a perfectly grand day when there were thousands of other people suffering.  

Since you realize that you too have had a perfectly normal day at the very same time that another had a perfectly tragic day, you have to wonder, is that wrong?

Did the world stop turning when something bad happened? 

Has it ever?  What happens when something goes wrong in your life?  Do you demand everyone halt their lives until your life is running as you think it should?

I already know the answer and I think you do too.  And it’s a great giant, of course not!

But, in 2020 and beyond culturally we are all now to be miserable unless told otherwise.

Shut the world down?  I think not! 

People of a healthy mindset figure out how to pick up and move on.  Those that can’t, seek help.  That is how the world has always run and needs to continue to run in order for us all to live life to its fullest extent.

Obviously I have remarked on how the world has stopped when it shouldn’t have and it has often brought about remarks such as this:

“How dare you Kimberly Charlton Neudorf!  I have 3 loved ones battling Covid in an old folks home right now!  How dare anyone so ignorant and illiterate make comments when they can’t read or even HEAR news!”

My reply:

I bet you do!  And the world shouldn’t be closed because YOU or ANYONE ELSE has 3 loved ones in a home!  In fact your loved ones would have been doing much better in an open and free world!

Rather than being locked down and suffering from stress, isolation, crap food, less visiting, and poor medical service.  It would be better for them if they had doctors and carers that could actually choose better options for your loved ones instead of following damaging government protocol.  It is a sad state.

Masking, distancing, lockdowns, and government interference is damaging and harming your loved ones.


In a free society we all have the ability to serve one another and help those that need it.  We can assume the risk we think necessary to help ourselves, our family, and our neighbour.  In a free society we have more resources and choices in which avenue to take.  As there is no one size fits all to an entire population freedom is vital for life.  The normal and healthy way of dealing with illness and tragedy in our lives doesn’t exist in lockdown and quarantine. 

The Great Barrington Declaration has been signed by thousands of people including medical and public health practitioners and scientists.  They also know that in freedom a focused approach is better for everyone.  We have the people to do it.  We are taking the freedom to follow through.  

Letting the world continue while there is suffering is how we survive.  It’s how we live.  It’s how we make a beautiful life. 

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