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New friends and new community.  They are sprouting up all over the place.  Find them.

I don’t think I’m really that social.  I like people here and there but I like doing my own thing as well.  But I would never say that my life hasn’t change much because of the “pandemic”.  Why wouldn’t I say that if I usually keep myself to myself?  Because it wouldn’t be true.  The world stopped turning and I mind.  People stopped gathering and I care.  Someone wanted to move along in their life and they can’t.  It’s wrong.

The main picture here looks innocent enough.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would spur people to lash out irrationally on facebook… ok, maybe I did.

We had a great afternoon connecting.  We all hope you too get out with friends and play and enjoy it outside.  We’ve got to get as much vitamin D and hugs as we can!  These are the things that strengthen us physically, mentally, emotionally and physically!

I am so thankful for my new found freedom group!  We’re steadfast friends for sure.  Make sure you find people you can connect with.  We help each other a lot.  We just plain live normally – how exciting is that?  We shop together to support each other, we find places to go to get together, we make sure our children have a healthy environment to thrive.

We will always meet up wherever and whenever we like to make sure we raise healthy whole children – and it’s good for us too!  😁  It’s ESSENTIAL.



Please let me know if you’ve got a new pack of friends and community!  I hope so!


If you need ideas of places to find people let me know – I may know someone who knows someone else.  We will thrive and live normally and healthfully no matter what.


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