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Charge Number 6

Just received my sixth charge – a summons under section 24 of the Provincial Offences Act.  “Fail to comply with a continued section 7.0.2 Order. To Wit: Participate in a public event or other gathering at residential premises or other prescribed premises in excess of 100 participants within the stage of O. Reg 364/20.

This one is one is for speaking in London for the Worldwide Demonstration March 20, 2021 and although the summons reads it takes place in London it will most likely be over zoom again.

I have been to zoom court with Rocco Galati once so far for 3 minutes with Virtual Crown St Thomas Ontario.  We are waiting for disclosure still.

I asked the officer at the door if anyone can tune in to watch when I’m in court.  The officer said that courts are open to the public and that he believes that I can give the zoom link out for people to tune in and see.  If anyone else can clarify this detail for me I would be happy to share that link as I know that we are all interested in seeing Rocco Galati in court and to find out what happens.

My next court dates as of today are as follows:

June 7 2021 (explained in this post, for this speech)
June 8 2021 (Feb 22 2021 we had a phone call with the London court and they said they would be providing disclosure however I haven’t received anything. For this speech.)
St. Thomas:


The officer at the door really thinks that this new summons will also be postponed again.  Quite honestly, I don’t think a St. Thomas or London Ontario judge wants to rule on the “pandemic”.  Judges have the ability to end this and Rocco Galati is able to use my cases as well as others as just another way to get into court to do it.  

The officer said he hopes we don’t see each other again under these circumstances and I sure hope so too.  But unless freedom wins soon I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again.  I asked him to make sure he comes and visits me in jail if it comes to that.

It appears the maximum I can receive altogether so far is 6 years in jail and $600,000.  The max sounds exciting, I’m sure that won’t actually happen.  



The legal action taken against

the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, various public health officials, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

is something that we would all like to see happen but it appears to be stalled at the moment.  See the Statement of Claim: Click here.

Statement of Claim Current Status: The defendants have yet to file a statement of defence. This is an active file.

There should be time limitations but they went out the window with COVID lockdowns.

Delaying has only made the Statement of Claim made in July more and more common knowledge.  Now even more people see what is going on with the Great Reset, immunity passports, the talk of vaccine mandates, etc.

Rocco has taken on a huge work load representing many other individuals and groups, including police/fire fighters (, medical professionals, some individuals, farmers and more.  He has also been doing many public and private events sharing information and creating awareness, both across Canada and internationally including working collaboratively with some Canadian and international groups.  Please visit his YouTube Channel for a wealth of information: Click Here 

My favourite video of his thus far is definitely the conversation he had with Catherine Austin Fitts – Please watch!

I’d really like to get to court to set a precedent and I think that’s what everyone in my situation wants to do!  Once we do we can move on with our lives and know what kind of country we really have.  We could essentially establish that this whole thing has been unnecessary (as we all already know).  And then we could live our lives each how we see fit in peace and prosperity.

As much as I want to believe that the courts will be the-be-all-and-end-all to some of our problems we also need to understand that we have to tackle this on many fronts.  Some say it will be years, possibly decades, to win back freedoms – I’m definitely not a fan of that timeframe!  I was asking just the other day, “How long do you think this will go on for???”  Sophie piped up and said, “Well, there was that 100 year war.  So there’s that.”  Great.  Thanks for that tidbit of information Sophie!

So buckle up folks!  Find your part in the play and play it!  All the world’s a stage and you have a part whether you like it or not!  Have some gumption and take the lead roll of your own life.  (Remember the Christmas movie “The Holiday”?  Just like that.)

If I am honest with myself, I have had no choice but to do what I’ve done.  It’s my job as a mother, a neighbour, and a human.  Other people have other talents, ideas, and skills that they can bring to the battle for liberty, but this is mine.

Some people will leave a legacy of great wealth and influence but I’ve always betted that that probably won’t be me.  When I became a mother I decided that my legacy would be an abundant life for my children.  And that’s what I’ve been doing.  I put it together from self discipline and personal responsibility, choosing what I think is best for my family.  It’s worked out beautifully so far and I didn’t need Trudeau, Doug Ford, or Mary French to do it.  I actually forbid them from inhibiting my family’s life another minute.  So you will be seeing me on the streets again, and you will be seeing police at my front door again, and you will see me mother my children as God gave me the blessing to do.  This is my legacy as a mother and a fellow human.

May your role be one of integrity, one of honesty, one of service, and one of love.

St Augustine Quote Kimberly Neudorf Charge 6

When you’re wondering what on earth you can do and if we will ever get to court remember what Saint Augustine once said,

“Pray as though everything depended on God.  Work as though everything depended on you.”

Please hit the donate button on the side there and donate directly to Rocco Galati on the Constitutional Rights Centre website.  I also appreciate you buying my t-shirts and other freedom merch because you probably want an awesome shirt for a rally anyway and then I get to donate 50% of the profits to Rocco at the CRC.  BUT if you want to make a big difference donate directly and skip the shirt. 

Please mention that I sent you!  It is such a great honour to have Rocco Galati representing me and I do not want to take advantage of this honour in any way and I know that what he is doing is expensive, difficult, and takes a lot of time.

Thank you for all of your support.  Let’s finish this.

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