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Aylmer Mayor’s Response to Our Aylmer Freedom Rally


This is the Aylmer mayor’s response to our Freedom Rally.

She just appeared on a CTV show called “A Town Divided” in which she said her response to our rally for freedom was to cry.

i cried mary french freedom rally aylmer ontario kimberly neudorf

Apparently she received many threats but I will argue that we all have.  It goes with the territory.  I’ve had police to my own house asking me if I’m afraid because of hosts of threats.  My response: Does it help?  Does it mean you do more to help me if I’m afraid?  The answer is obviously, no.

The threats I’ve gotten are mostly online but also people coming and wrecking and stealing our No More Lockdowns signs and hitting the side of our house between 2-3AM for a few nights there.  It’s died off for the time being – we’ll see what happens. 

What you have to know is the main thing that does happen when you align yourself with freedom minded people, in the midst of haters you have the honour of connecting with people of integrity.   

The show really turned into a hit piece on a local church and completely ignores the real issues of freedom and Human Rights – what we’re standing for. It focuses on division, prejudice and tries to turn what we did into a completely different issue.  Not very classy.

Media wants division instead of 2000 great people of all sorts rallying for freedom — supporting each other.

Aylmer 2000 people Freedom March farming community family gathering for freedom parking lot Why Have a Freedom March Aylmer Kimberly Neudorf Huge Crowd

The freedom rallies were not run by the church in town but by a homeschooling mother and entrepreneur (a multi generational Aylmer area resident whose father even happens to be a councillor) and I have the charges to prove it. 😉

I suppose that doesn’t fit the narrative.

I am truly thrilled and so thankful for the support of Rocco Galati.  He wrote a letter to the Aylmer police and the mayor because of various intimidation tactics. 

With the amount of intimidation and conversations I had with the local Aylmer police – I still wasn’t sure if they would even show up or if I would have to get them out of bed in the morning to do their job.  They made it very clear that they were not in support of the second freedom rally.  And that’s perfect.  They only need stand for their Oath, take care of public safety and step up for the traffic if need be.  That’s all they are obligated to do during a freedom rally or peaceful protest.

Letter from Rocco Galati to Aylmer Mayor:

My Sophie is in this photo snapped from the video clip.  She’s supporting freedom, her future, and her Mama 🤗  She wrote the sign: Freedom is Risky, have some Courage.

Sophie Aylmer Freedom Rally Kimberly Neudorf

If you would like to watch this entertainment from W5, click here.  Scary music and all.  It’s amazing how W5 tried to turn a pleasant family friendly event of hope and togetherness into one of division, propaganda, and darkness.

You might notice how she describes the men in the reflective vests with her ominous voice and lets you know they are not police officers.  Nope, they sure aren’t.  I got them to help with traffic and deescalation.  Why?  Because when I put a freedom rally together I make sure that I have a team of supportive volunteers and that I prepare for all kinds of things that could happen.  And we did an awesome job.

Media creates division.  The continual focus on visual differences is all they can muster to keep us busy in order to divide people and have them choose a side.  In the show she wants you to notice that “some” people dress a certain way.



Media begs for people to hate each other so that while they are nit-picking over superficial differences their very freedoms, livelihoods, families, and relationships are destroyed.

The mayor (as she spoke to businesses in town) would like you to disobey the Provincial mandate and not serve people with mask exemptions.  A complete violation of Human Rights and Freedoms.

This small time mayor has to audacity to want to change the mandate and our very Humans Rights including personal and medical privacy by writing the Solicitor General to request that orders are reconsidered so that she can have more control over people’s lives instead of respect.

Aylmer State of Emergency Freedom Rally

Aylmer’s hatred and prejudice towards the Church of God here is disturbing.  In contrast the love and dedication the haters have towards government mandates is huge and unwavering.  The most hilarious thing is that if the government mandated they must go to the Church of God for the good of their neighbour’s health – they would do it. 🤣

The cult of Covidism is real.

As media and gossips continually harp on superficial stories to divide — all based on what we wear or how we look.

Reality is much deeper.  Denominations and human beings of all sorts are uniting.  Now it’s not, “What denomination are you?” but, “Are you open?”.



Canada’s Niagara Declaration that is leading the world in the understanding of church sovereignty and is stating again that the church is not under civic government rule:

Some of the statements by the Niagara Declaration include:

AND WHEREAS the Church of Jesus Christ does not have her position in the nation assigned her by the permission of civil government, but jure divino – she has her own organization and she possesses her own office-bearers (Matt. 10:1-15; 18:15-20; 28:18-20; Acts 14:23; 1 Cor. 5:9-13; 6:1-7; Eph. 1:22-23; 4:9-13);

AND WHEREAS the sovereignty of the State and the sovereignty of the Church exist side by side, instituted by God and in service to God, mutually limiting each other as recognized in the Scriptures and applied in Magna Carta (Mark 12:13-17; Acts 5:29-32; Rom. 13:1, 4; 1 Cor. 6:1-7; 2 Cor. 10:3-6; Eph. 1:22; Phil. 2:9-11; 1 Tim. 2:1-4);


AND WHEREAS various kings and queens of the Dominion of Canada have confirmed in the British Parliament the Great Charter which grants that the Church “shall be free, and shall have all her whole Rights and Liberties inviolable” (Magna Carta, 1297);

Churches have grown, matured, and have been strengthened through this test beginning in 2020.  Now we can see which churches are real and which ones are only country clubs.

As much as the past year-and-a-bit has been incredibly awful we can now see who is who – not based on superficial looks but on what was hard to see before — who has integrity and who has not.  It has been revealed.


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