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10 Steps to a Better Life


If you’re at a loss for how to live a healthy life and don’t know where to find the top-ten tips, you couldn’t do much better than to do THE OPPOSITE of what your overlords are suggesting.

So, I’ll list 10 of these opposites:

10 Steps to a better life Kimberly Neudorf


Visit with lots of people. Hug them too. Your mental well-being will increase ten-fold.


Take 5000iu of Vitamin D per day.


Get out of the house regularly.


Take off your mask. Unless you’re painting your house, performing heart surgery, or any other task for which masks are, you know, actually designed for and effective for.


Go to church.


Turn off your television and block mainstream media, public health and governmental programming from your newsfeeds.


Avoid the vackzine like your life depends on it. In case this one doesn’t make sense to you, read the details of the V.A.E.R.S which details thousands upon thousands of deaths and injuries that are statistically going parabolic.


Stand up straight, find your courage, and speak out every single day. Consequences be dammed.


Don’t accept any notion of “new normal”.


Trust your instincts instead of the “experts”. If you don’t seem to have any instincts left, dig deep to find two, rub them together vigorously and see if an ember of deeply-held intuition might be kindled into a flame.

You’re welcome.

Terry “not-an-expert” Neudorf

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